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Published on January 01, 2017 (Updated on January 01, 2017)

Elytra Booster Addon

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does it break the ground?
It’s a shitty scam
Does it still allow you to trade with villagers for other items?
The villager is not giving me anything
When I throw the snowballs in Minecraft PE, it gets rid of my flight and drops me to the ground!!
hey i cant get mine to work, i put the right files into the right folders and all i get is fireworks instead of snowballs, but it keeps the effect of a normal snowball
Did you download both the resource pack and behavior pack?
I think it's really cool
I have a bug where i want a firework rocket on villager it wouldn't give me those item
the fireworks thing has a limit of height can u fix dat cuz i wanna go HIGHER
Nice addon it actually worked i never thought I would say this but it's the best addon out there
The " Give Me a Firework Rocket " Button, its not a bug.Its the same addon with the Firework Addon.
I download all of the packs, but I can't get them from a villager. PS I am using the Faithful Resource Pack. Is it because of it?
It won't work for me when I tap on the download link it brings up this page with a green button that says download. When I press it it just brings up a crap ton of coding.
really amazing addon but the villagers doesn't give me the fireworks when i trade with them
Same here when i click on the "give me rocket!!!" Button it does nothing :/