Published on November 21, 2016

Elytra Parkour 2 [Minigame] (0.17.0 Only!)

Installation Guides

I know this is old, but here are some changes you can make:

~Turn on Always Day in cheats

~Set default difficulty to easy (it might already be, but I don’t know because I didn’t download it yet)
Why is it soo short I completed it in about 1 and a half minutes
I love your elytra series
This was a very fun map. It was short and sweet but it is definitely worth downloading. I hope to see more in the future=D
How do you enter in the game
This map is fake I joined and spawned in a default world with a stick
That's because you don't have 0.17 I am pretty sure.
Lol don't we love MCPE
Lol don't we love MCPE
Omg stop with the elytra maps. Every day I look on mcpedl for some nice maps and I see this. What's even worse is that I have iOS so I can't check these out.
Hehe. Well, we post anything nice we find. Sometimes it's 0.17, sometimes 0.16. Just because we post many 0.17 maps don't mean we post less 0.16 maps.
Editor, How do I change my mcpedl profile photo other people have one?
Please Help EDITOR
I'am getting sick of this series
Then dont play it!
>:( if you guys dont like it
JEEZ, this is only the second one! Btw, If u hate it, then why did u come here just to say that? ?