Published on May 15, 2022 (Updated on May 23, 2022)

Emblems Addon!

Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would be like if you could equip accessories? Well, look no further because I have the solution for you right here! This addon includes upgradable items called emblems that will give you the necessary abilities to tackle even the most difficult challenges in Minecraft!! 

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Fixes & Updates

  • fixed broken recipe for speed emblems
  • Added Mining Emblems
  • added new emblem rarity "Shadow emblems" 

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My Opinion/Suggestions:
Dude, i like this Addon if this thing is Balanced.
Please Nerf ALL Effects, But Separated Addon Called "Emblems Addon! Balanced".
Suggestion from me: There should be a emblem that gives mobs or players nearby 7x7 or 8x8 area get slow and freeze effects if us the the player have the emblem on our off hand or main hand also the recipe for the emblem is 4 bucket of powder snow , 4 pack of blue ice in each side and 1 blank emblem in the middle. ( name emblem suggestion is Frostbite emblem ).

I'm sorry if my English is bad , I'm still learning English.
can you pls make it for 1.18.30 but any way good mod
Can you make the emblems unbreakable?
And all the hostile mobs will ignore you when you have the minecraft emblem in your hand or offhand(In simple words no hostile mob will attack you and still I didn't thought any idea for some new emblems.)
I can do unbreakable emblems. I don't know if removing player aggro is balanced tho.
Add speed and invisibility
movement speed is the speed emblem but invisibility is a good idea