Published on August 29, 2021

Emerald to Ruby

The Emerald to Ruby Texture Pack. This Texture Pack Changes the texture/look of Emerald , Emerald Ore and Emerald Blocks. This is helpful for players who don't like the look of current emerald texture. And many players want Ruby in Game. This pack works in every version. Put this pack on top of other packs if you are using other packs. So this will work. This works in all Bedrock Edition Platforms. 

This Pack does not affect Fps.

This pack is Lag Free.

The Emerald ore looks like before 1.17 ores, because it makes confusion with redstone ore.

The Ruby things will function as normal Emerald things.

Yes, it can power Beacons as well.

You are allowed to Showcase this in your Videos with this requirement-

1 . Credit the Owner.

2 . Do not distribute as your own pack.

3 . Enjoy 🙂.

You are strictly not allowed to steal any code or textures from this pack.

The resolution of this pack is as same as normal Minecraft blocks.

16 X 16 Resolution.

The Ruby ore is created by me as it was going to be in-game.

And the Ruby Block is based on Emerald Block.

And the Ruby item is based on as it should be in-game.

The Textures are hand made by me :)

Tips -

You can use this pack as a Prank on your friends telling them that it's a Ruby Update.

Or for a better Emerald Look.

Have Fun  :)



Click on Emerald to Ruby Blue Highlighted Line.

It will direct you to a Mediafire Link.

Click on Emerald to Ruby Button on Mediafire.

It will install a mcpack file.


Supported Minecraft versions


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The ruby ore is a very outdate texture
Best ore
Omg I love Ruby