Enchanted HSPE Shaders V2.5 (Windows10 Support)

       Enchanted HSPE Shaders

This shader will enhanced your Vanilla Minecraft Graphics to more realistic and unique. This Shader also attaches great importance to the gameplay. Like great coloring, Shadow, Waving water & plant, and more!!

             Some  Screenshot


  1. Beautiful Sky
  2. Transparent + Clear Water
  3. Dynamic water color
  4. Dynamic Entity color
  5. Shadows
  6. Waving plant (leaves & grass)
  7. Unique Torch
  8. Simple water wave
  9. Simple Caustic
  10. Rain Fog
  11. Grayscale/Monocrhome
  12. Sunrise & Sunset Fog
  13. Experimental Feature
  14. Etc

       This Shader have 3 variants, namely Default, Smooth, and Experimental. You can choose it from the settings of this shader subpacks.

Default, this is normal feature for this shader. 

Smooth, this is the lowest version of this shader and will reduce lag on low-end device. So it’s quite recommended for your gameplay. Without:

  1. Waving
  2. Clouds
  3. End Sky
  4. Dirlight
Experimental, well, this is an experiment version of this shader. There are additional features of test code(will lag if on low end device) , maybe you will find some bugs from this version.

Experimental feature: 

  • Sunbeam(can moving)

  • Wet Effect + Puddle

  • Glowing Ores

  • Galaxy End Sky

  • Reflection Blend & Metallic block
  • Ground fog dusk & rain


  1. Adjust the brightness of your game by adjusting this shader. my suggestion is 45-65 or 50.
  2. Dont play with texture pack if you using experimental version
  3. Ground fog will appear if you are in a high place
  4. Glowing ores & Metallic only supports version around MC 1.16

See the cinematic & windows 10 gameplay of this shader(by me):


You are allowed to modify this shader in your personal use.

You are allowed to share this shader but with this website link.

Please permission first if you used code from my shader

You are prohibited to share this shader but as your own resource pack

Don’t change the download link! 

Read INFO.txt & Credits.txt (optional)


if you find bugs, or even issues related to this shader, let me know on my social media:  TwitterFacebook

Please speak in English. Or Indonesian if you can 😀 

Thanks for downloading 🙂

Changelog View more
  1. add experimental feature
  2. support windows 10:)
  3. New color dusk
  4. New color night + grayscale
  5. Better shading
  6. Fix bug Ray sun & Sunbeam appear  behind you
  7. Fix not smooth Water in swamp 
  8. Change End Sky (reduce lag)
  9. Grass in savanna biome now waving too
  • - Fix blue hue bug
  • - Fix error mcpack link
  • - Reduce saturation
  • Reduce torch light
  • Improvement monochromatic
  • Change the renderchunk & other file name (not HSPER etc) I think it makes it hard for you to edit it, so I changed it.
  • Fix bug on iOS (glitch on block)
  • Sun & Moon are same shape (without texture)
  • add Optifine (Reduce lag, maybe) >:v
  • Smooth cave
  • Grayscale / Monochrome when rain
  • Fixed Bug sea lantern & Ray sun
  • At night, clouds become more transparent
  • Other bruh, i forgot it 


Supported Minecraft versions




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230 Responses

4.18 / 5 (73 votes)
  1. Khall says:

    Walaupun ni shader ditaro bawah(atasnya ada tweak texture pack)berjalan normal and no problem and i like it

  2. GuckTheGamer says:

    make water not invisible

  3. Rayg says:

    Aku Baru Mau Nyoba Shadernya Tapi dari Previewnya Kayanya Keren

  4. Nightblade45612 says:

    PLEASE add lightning in the galaxy end sky it will make it look SO GOOD

  5. DaPiggyGamerzMCdons says:

    I dont know why, but when I put it in all three modes (Without Texture Pack) it just changes the skyboxes to a cartoon sky. That’s all. Please help me with this bug! I really would give a 5 if this would be fixed.

  6. Falcoe says:

    Best shader I’ve ever seen in all of MCBE, truly amazing

  7. SpoodyCat says:

    The shader looks great, but when I use it on a world nothing changes. I’ve put it in the resource packs folder, so I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong

    (I’ve done this on Xbox, but not sure if that changes anything)

  8. alerbax says:

    Why does the experimental view have to drastically decrease the performance if in the sunny normal environment it looks the same as the normal view, even the reflections that would be like a texture are only seen when it rains, the lighting remains the same, the reflections of the moon that can only be seen at night, the sky from end to end and the illuminated textures of the underground minerals, I know I do not have the best cell phone but I am doing very well in the normal mode, in the experimental I have I do not understand why it falls so much. The performance is almost the same, but with some additional effects that are only seen in certain environments, what I mean about the poor performance is that it takes time to respond when the camera is moved, like the speed of the game. slow down sorry for my bad english but better use a translator so they don’t have to translate what i say

  9. lacov says:

    These shaders are beautiful at day, sadly its way too dark at nights to use them in survival. Will surely give 5* when night colors will be fixed 🙂

  10. ShadowElixir says:

    Make the water visible pls

  11. SemiDeku says:

    I love this shader but in experiential mode when I look at the water it is really laggy every if you can not fix it just tell me which file to delete in the flies by the way I am on Windows 10 thank you!! 😀

  12. TAYLORI* says:

    I love this shader in the default settings it works very well, I would like to see the bright minerals in the default mode since the experimental is too laggy I don’t know if the bright minerals cause the lag but it would be great to see them in the default mode

  13. Froshlee14 says:

    Hola, se que esta version es experimental pero de todas formas quiero reportar un error si eso ayuda de algo.
    Juego en Win 10 y visualmente se ve de maravilla, el problema es que cuando me acerco a alguna de mis granjas (ya sea de hierro u oro) el juego crashea.

    • SemiDeku says:

      el comentario que hice suena como este uno mina dijo “Me encanta esto, pero en modo experiencial cuando miro el agua es realmente fallar cada si no se puede arreglar sólo me dicen qué archivo para eliminar el agua que hace que se falla por la forma en que estoy en Windows 10 gracias!!😀” LOL

  14. CubeCoco says:

    Aucun liens ne marchent ! Vraiment déçu !

  15. Nightblade45612 says:

    Amazing shader! Just a little glitchy on iOS, but that’s all

  16. Asdrubal says:

    Repair bug into the realms glowing ores not fluctio

    brother please fix some bug that the shader has inside the realms the minerals do not work oh ores it does not have that effect of resplendent brightness inside the realms nl it works please check to see what it is pls I was waiting for this shader a long time ago and now I don’t it works for me inside the realms los ores

  17. sotp says:

    This is the best shader on this website in my opinion

  18. Yoshi1632 says:

    Why When i try Downloading it it says its a virus?

  19. SantiCraftSC says:

    the better shader of win 10 but I can not see them Glowing Ores dont know why

  20. Zombirk says:

    Finally a good shader!
    Not quite Java level but on a good way!
    Keep it up!

  21. xanion says:

    Great work with finding the uvs for the ores and blocks! And its always nice to see another shader translated into hlsl.

  22. Szygran says:

    I have an idea for the next update, can you add a shadow of the player, animals and receipts / plants?

  23. WhiteB0yz says:

    the best shader for win10 is like vibrant sildur shaders for java !!! i love …can you add a glowing magma block? like in vibrant sildur shaders for java ?? thanks

  24. Desuka says:

    Hei man why cannot work on my device all is super lag

  25. DXTG Josh says:

    Easily the warmest, colorful, beautiful but close to default shaders I’ve ever seen! Good Job!!💜💙
    It’s not too bright, and it’s easy on the eyes as well.
    I may review this shader when I have time UwU

  26. ShiningSheep says:

    How do I download this? It looks good 🙂

  27. JustKoolish says:

    I love it and its great but the gravel REALLY hurts my eyes and i can see it through the water

  28. DOrion says:

    Congratulations, I tried many shaders for a long time (I’m from win10) and without fear of being wrong this is the best shader there is!!!!!

  29. MHA_FANBOY2007 says:

    quick question can i use addon resource packs like jwfk resources for that addon

  30. Mr Caterson says:

    Ever considered you device instead of the shader it’s best to do that first when you have lag

  31. Dalay995 says:

    the experimental mode of the shader causes me a bit of a lag, it is annoying, I would love if you could optimize it better, the defaul shader is beautiful but the experimental one is MUCH more beautiful. please optimize 🙂

  32. McMaster 2.0 says:

    Lags on my intel R Pentium CPU 4405U
    2.10 gz

  33. PresidentGato says:

    Since it works for Windows 10, it should be for Xbox too, right?

  34. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    perfect. The Glowing Ore its like its already Similar to RTX shaders. 10/10 shaders. i only need the realistic player shadow. good job on your work

  35. A round of applause👏👏👏

  36. CubeMaster says:

    Just, MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING 1000/5

  37. IonicMC says:


  38. Qwerty123 says:

    These shaders seem To be amazing, but I’m not sure if My Phone Will handle it since all those colored Lights shown In your images.

  39. Bamboo Jumboo says:

    Around when do you think we can expect a full release for v2.5? These look so good and I’m becoming anxious

  40. TheRubyRedLeviathan says:

    can’t wait for this to come to Windows 10 looks amazing!

  41. Guest-1469060127 says:

    This shader is absolutely brilliant, but I do have a few things to say. First of all, I do think the shader makes everything a bit too saturated I’m some spots. Second of all and my main problem, the plants, leaves and water wave way to fast when you’re flying or sprinting. Aside from these problems this is a fantastic shader!

  42. Two-Coops says:

    This Shader looks absolutely amazing! I’m using the 2.5 BETA on WIndows 10 and it is running very smoothly. The only issues that I’ve noticed is that the sides of grass blocks in cold biomes don’t match the color of the top of the block. The other is the fake sunbeam going through blocks. All in all this is an awesome shader.

  43. Guest-3345831346 says:

    Amazing shader. Works like a charm on Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.16 on Motorola G7 power

  44. Guest-5318945476 says:

    please make for iOS devices this update. i’m so upset that it doesn’t work on them :((((

    • Wanze'ϡ says:

      i don’t have ios:’°, si i cant test my shader on ios

      • Guest-7749747931 says:

        amigo si cuando lo tengas compatible para windows 10 edition te hago una donacion estoy muy ancioso de jugar con este shader yo solo juego minecraft en pc no juego en mobil por tanto espero con ancias tu exelente trabajo aqui en este shader =) si quieres anota mi email i me escribes por aya te hago una donacion pequeña cuando este finalizado para windows 10 edition

  45. Wanze'ϡ says:

    guys please wait the next update.. I’m working on making this shader support windows10:°

  46. AlanHappy648 says:

    I’m going to say it, as someone that doesn’t like to play with shaders, this made me like the shaders.

  47. Guest-9260148794 says:

    How about the nether?

  48. Guest-3220208876 says:

    windows 10 edition plsss

  49. Guest-2655503400 says:

    yes! please, don’t ever make the underwater view like ESBE shaders, or water waves. I love the clear water, and i think it doesn’t lag as much as water waves. btw, does this shader support iPhone 11?

  50. Guest-9555904557 says:

    help me out plzz i cant seem to download the file: evrytime i click to dl it says try again later huhuuu ^sob sob

  51. Zach Marc says:

    Man, this shader is so underrated, i recommend putting the Sunrise screenshot as the featured image, and add the HSPE logo to the bottem left that would attract more people
    By The Way


  52. Guest-7105326951 says:


  53. Guest-3994407956 says:

    Best shader I have ever seen in Minecraft Bedrock edition. Suggestion: Could you make like sunlight and fix water? Cause water is like almost clear

  54. Guest-3881412588 says:

    Please make for win 10

  55. Guest-7536234274 says:


  56. It’s an easy fix for iPhone 7+ name the packs .mcaddon instead of .mcpack!
    I tried it on my XR and 11 both seemed to work perfectly.

  57. Guest-5137051786 says:

    Request boleh gk,boleh donk 🙂

    Dynamic light

    Oh,iya.pergerakan airnya terlalu goyang :v

  58. Guest-6892576261 says:


  59. Guest-6476973326 says:

    This is one of the best shaders I have found for bedrock yet, it looks amazing!
    There is only one problem, it does work on my iPhone X, but it doesn’t work on my iPad 2018, does anyone know they solution, or can the creator fix this?

    The problem is that, once I activate it and open the world I see nothing, but blue or black(depends if it is day or night). I can only see banners and torches

  60. Guest-9255174667 says:

    im on windows 10 and when I downloaded it and used it in my world the only thing I could see was the void

  61. TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

    When this shader is released for Bedrock on Windows 10 and console after 1.16 is fully released:

    ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Vicetone and Tony Iggy – Astronomia (Coffin Dance Meme)
    ───────⚪───────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►
    1:47/ 3:18 ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙️

  62. Finn MrX says:

    The blue hue bug has fixed! Good work 😁

  63. Guest-2599907280 says:

    ¡WINDOWS 10!

  64. Guest-3867839105 says:

    pls help it crashes my minecraft

  65. Guest-9463096982 says:

    He did say that some version of phones won’t work on this texture so maybe you have a potato phone

  66. Guest-9462643148 says:

    I do have a few suggestions for the lighting (my fave part):
    Beacons: blue light
    Lava & lava cauldron: orange light
    End Portal & Repsawn Anchor: Purple Light
    End Rod: Pure white light
    Soul Campfires, torches, and lanterns: blue light

  67. Guest-1732199395 says:

    the worst shader ever seen it crashed my minecraft !!!!!!!!

  68. Guest-3952433233 says:

    How do you download this on iPad? I tried the link to mediafire but it says i need to upgrade to premium

  69. Sweeze1086 says:

    The best shader i’ve been seen! Thank u to make this shaders, keep it up!

  70. Guest-6817309382 says:

    vai ter para windows 10?

  71. Guest-4111136091 says:

    does this work on Xbox one bedrock edition

  72. Guest-2676399300 says:

    I feel that the water was better in V1.7 than V1.8. It looks too much like vanilla Minecraft. Everything else is great tho! I’m so glad the Polaroid Is fixed!

  73. Guest-2336084397 says:

    Crashed on word load on Windows 10 edition.

  74. Guest-8056748432 says:

    Bang, shadernya ada efek becek pas hujan gak bang

  75. Guest-3029676092 says:

    Can I use it in my resource pack? I will not make it available for download and in his data I leave the credits to all creators.

  76. mnwilliamn says:

    Shaders look AMAZING! Too bad it won’t work with Windows 10.

  77. Guest-2712326182 says:

    Everything is invisible for me i downloaded v1.8 smooth and normal mcpack but none worked they made everything invisible please fix this i want to play or it could be me. I have lots of texture packs and addons.

  78. Guest-2458570451 says:

    please make it work for iPhone 7+ 🙁 i’m so sad, ‘cause it’s one of the very few shaders i love

  79. Guest-7427406216 says:

    I’m on 1.12 and there’s a bug where blocks in my peripheral vision get a weird blue outline, otherwise it’s the best shaders I know.

  80. Not kit fisto says:

    beautiful except for the end

  81. Guest-4797924418 says:

    This texture pack is so F**KING Beautiful

  82. Guest-9319790758 says:

    Cant wait for the Windows 10 Version 🙂

  83. Guest-1783165323 says:

    Your not mojang
    Mohan don’t reply
    To others except
    For him

  84. Guest-2313939983 says:

    the image for the end reminds me of xen in black mesa

  85. Guest-6010480907 says:

    Bang Ini Buatan Indonesia Bagus Banget Soalnya 👍👍 auto bintang limaa….

  86. Guest-9371488841 says:

    I recommend changing the light on netherack, if i put a torch near it, it blinds my eyes even if I made my brightness 0%

  87. Guest-7196995564 says:

    This shader is great, but it has a really weird Polaroid effect at random points and it’s driving me nuts…

  88. Guest-3514927601 says:

    the pack dosent work i 🙁

  89. Mojang Studios says:


  90. Guest-9508950473 says:

    Hey, ich wollte mir das texture pack herunterladen, hat auch alles geklappt nur Ed konnte nicht in Minecraft importiert werden. Kannst du mir vielleicht helfen? Ich benutze ein Redmi 8T und Minecraft pe

  91. Guest-1371838537 says:

    It Doesnt work on 1.16 win10 🙁 but the shader is very good!

  92. This Shader looks absolutely amazing! It took a little while to get it to work due to the iOS .mcpack download having it’s folders arranged differently than compatible. I used the .zip and downloaded the 1.7 version which didn’t work at first. I then switched to 1.5 of which looked amazing! It was really nice. I tried 1.7 a second time, and this time is worked but it seems that during the day, a blue tint covers the entire screen and lights give off a really bright blue light of which becomes hard to look at after not long. Overall, the shader is brilliant, despite the few bugs. Of course, the shader is still evolving, and I hope this does well in the future! I’ll make sure to download any of your later versions! 🙂

  93. Guest-9637952698 says:

    It works for me on windows 10 mc1.14

  94. Guest-5382654788 says:

    It works for me on windows 10 mc1.14

  95. Guest-4020530978 says:

    What the hell seriously?! The lighting is very bad, super reddy and really hurts in the eye, the light should emit a whitey blue color, and also lights don’t emit in the day except in dark places… The color is so pale! Everything is super saturated even when i turn the brightness into 0 but it still super saturated.

    And your shader directory files is very messy, I don’t know how could I simply change the shader lighting… TSK! TSK! TSK! Bad shader

  96. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Neither Zip nor Mcpack can import it……

  97. Guest-9627202497 says:

    “V1.0 mcpack” is invisible, “V1.5 mcpack” is good, but very glitchy, and “V1.7(iOS).mcpack” won’t even import into Minecraft.

  98. Guest-5111959449 says:

    Amazing shader, but the blocks around torch light are very glitchy. They have this static-like texture. The end is very very dark, and green. I play on iPad, could you please fix this?

  99. Guest-2737555200 says:

    Just a small bug, sometimes torch light will seem to switch between orange and light blue light, and it’s usually blue light that they emit when this shader is on

  100. Guest-9524353138 says:

    I don’t know what is the problem with this, I actually have a good phone but when I apply the shader my world loads slow and wait for the whole chunks to generate because it’s completely INVISIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GLITCHYYYYY AND I CAN’T MOVE WHEN MY WORLD IS INVISIBLE!!!!!!

  101. AracelyPinkRose says:

    is it for low end?? I have a ZTE Valde V Bita oh ultra whatever, I just want to know, the shaders do very badly for me

  102. Guest-5489460230 says:

    as linux user i am courious since mc bedrock uses unofficial launcher and that version uses glsl instead

  103. Guest-6310099768 says:

    Hey! I really love your shader, but I really want to change the color of light by myself (but I will not use it in anything for posting but only for myself), I actually downloaded your .zip file but I can’t edit it because there’s not specific names of files in your “shaders” folder. Please name them all specifically like “Sky file”, “Water file” or whatsoever like in other shader folders so it won’t be confusing.

    • Guest-2778135811 says:

      yah,,,, me too!!!! good thing i found this comment because the names in the shader directory are like HSPERv.. HSPERf etc. and i can’t do anything nor understand which should i focus. And the tone of the lightings are too obnoxious for my eyes. 🤣😅

  104. Guest-8900692410 says:

    This is such a great shader and typically my type but the problem for me is the color of the light, should be the light items/block only registers light in the night but not in the day (except in dark places)? I really hope you will update and change the saturated lightings, very orangey and it really unpleasant in the eye. Three stars for now.

  105. Guest-8795357913 says:

    Torch light and any other block which emits light, the light is blue but only in day. (This in version 1.7 android).

  106. Guest-1721000762 says:

    I dont like end sky, but its an awesome shader 🙂

  107. Jetman7102 says:

    IT DOESNT WORK ON IPHONE SE!!!!!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  108. Kristizzz says:

    Can’t wait for the Windows 10 version!

  109. Looks amazing! can’t wait to play with it on my new phone I’m getting

  110. Guest-5570256249 says:

    The game keeps crashing on 1.16 beta on windows 10

  111. Guest-5095076053 says:

    Can you get this shader in Nintendo switch?

  112. Guest-3475650548 says:

    I really like this shaders! it’s the only one with tree animations that works on my low end phone (2gb ram), I really appreciate that!
    I have a suggestion, maybe consider making the light tone a little softer? When at night it’s so bright and orange that you can’t truly see the shape of the lanterns and it hurts your eyes, even with the brightness set at 45/100, but since it works just fine it might not be neccessary. Great work!♡

  113. Guest-4964666079 says:

    Pls make it for Windows 10 PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  114. Guest-4040774410 says:

    do you have discord?

  115. Guest-4521298404 says:

    Work For Windows 10?

  116. Guest-1699674044 says:

    I’m on iOS and I think the shader is great but the aspect I don’t like is that when I get near some block the edges of the block shows blue haze or seems glitchy.

  117. Guest-8156017901 says:

    Well mine doesn’t kick me off but yeah. I’m glad there’s somebody else with the same problem as me! :)))

  118. Guest-1492664514 says:

    I don’t use 1.16 beta. I use 1.14.60.

  119. Guest-8472023262 says:

    Don’t worry bro, it’s a general bug of the beta…

  120. Guest-4526729240 says:

    I anyway don’t have social media.

  121. Guest-1302561998 says:

    When I put it in resources.

  122. Guest-7107350615 says:

    My world is invisible when I put it in! I play on Amazon fire btw! Could you please fix this? Thank you!

  123. Guest-8226229839 says:


  124. Guest-4337760641 says:

    I can’t download any of the links 🙁 It just brings me to a zip file, I’m on iOS btw. Also one of the links brought me to an inappropriate website :/

    • Guest-4473423928 says:

      Just download a file manager from the app store, and unzip the file. Aslo, the link itself did not bring you to an “inappropriate website”, you did that yourself by clicking on something other than the download link

  125. Guest-6324051475 says:

    its not windows 10 supported

  126. Jetman7102 says:

    This shader looks AMAZING but when I downloaded it and put in on in resources it didn’t load any textures plz fix

  127. Guest-2215487070 says:

    This is perfect if you dont have an RTX graphics card

  128. Guest-9717411217 says:

    There is 1 issue: vanilla blocks that have animations now have no animation at all, including lava and fire PLEASE FIX!!!

  129. YouriPadMaster says:

    Are there bugs for iOS?

  130. Guest-3317915321 says:

    I liked the shader a lot, without a doubt, it is my favorites although the water appears pale in color on the surface and not transparent. A great job without a doubt.

  131. Guest-7935261211 says:

    The shader is great but my problem is that even my medium-end phone(Huawei Nova 3i 4gb Ram) can’t handle it. Meaning my Minecraft lags when I put this shader on so I suggest you optimize this shader for all phones deeply and smoothly.

  132. Wanze'ϡ says:

    Thank you for downloading this shader guys, but sorry for the current version it doesn’t support Windows 10, next update I’ll try to make this shader will support Windows 10

  133. Guest-4292213392 says:

    WOW! OH. MY. GOD. What a very ultra nice shader! Your shader inspired my aesthetics. Today this is one of my most favorite shader now! through years playing of Minecraft! I love all the features made by enhanced default  Especially the enhanced color vibrant, torch color, underwater look and waving water and plants,  reflections! And this is also good even in low end devices!

    BUT may i have reports:
    —Please change the night time color because it’s too dark, it will difficult on survival when exploring forests.
    —My 4 GB RAM phone is smooth on most of shaders but it’s lag a little bit on ur shader even in lowest render distance especially if u are facing close on waving trees, dropping my fps in 10-14 🙁
    — I recommend add shadows in the ground if the block is in air (floating)
    — I recommend change the moon texture just like shape of sun for pair for the day and night
    — Add monochromatic effect on grounds when raining (just like on UltraMax Shader)
    — Lastly can u please make the clouds on midnight more transparent? because it’s too dark when u looking on clouds in night
        Can u fix these on future updates pls? 😊🤗

    That’s all! sorry for my English, I really love your unique shader! Keep it up your work!  God Bless! <3

  134. Guest-9894739862 says:

    ini orang indo ya

  135. Guest-3736035250 says:

    make this work for windows 10…i tried but it keeps crashing on windows 10. plz make it work

  136. Djesus1123 says:

    The shaders are awesome!

  137. Guest-8485548070 says:

    Yes this is magnificent! The shader looks so awesome and work perfectly on my phone 😁

  138. americamx says:

    Why is this tagged for Windows 10 when it doesn’t work for that edition?

  139. Guest-4881585057 says:

    This shader is my number 1 favorite.😍😍😍😍😍.How did you make this.

  140. TryHardJibs says:

    Too beautiful…just too beautiful that I REALLY WANT WINDOWS 10/ XBOX SUPPORT! We non-RTX owners don’t have shaders as good as this, so can you please optimize this shader for Windows 10 and Xbox?

  141. Guest-3432014008 says:


  142. Guest-4175669495 says:

    This shader is so pretty look amazing!
    I love the features and the color vibrants
    looks near rtx physics! very nice shaders keep it up!

  143. Guest-7672360807 says:

    can someone pls make win10 version

  144. americamx says:

    Can someone make this work for windows 10?

  145. Guest-7756231504 says:

    same 🙁

  146. doesn’t work (could be my computer) as soon as the world loads the whole screen goes brown then loads just the skybox before crashing

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