By Editor
Published on November 24, 2016 (Updated on November 24, 2016)

End King Boss Addon (0.17.0 Only!)

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Download herobrine boss
Carnage Bosses:Hold my beer
Booooooooo!!!!!!! its not strong enough it cant even defeat my blaze boss pls make it stronger
You want stronger bosses?... Try "Commander boss 2,Entity 303 boss addon and elf queen"
It Should summon in Endermen And shoot dragon balls
Great addob but it would be better if you increase its damage and little bit of health too...make it a little bigger aswell
Can you please add a Nether King that spawns in the nether?
Most be mine fast Addon
Pls make it for more versions
My Minecraft PE name is endking.Wow.thanks editor..good job!
Help every time I download the behaviour/resource pack it says failed to import and the error was that it could not find the manifest in the pack
Can you update it because it won't work anymore?
If you make an iron farm, and golems spawn, will they be an End King Boss? If so, wouldn't that be an easy way to farm ender pearls, ender eyes, dragons breath, diamonds and nether stars? Or do you have to place the blocks to spawn it, and kill it to get the drops?
God I cant install it on iOS android people are really lucky, AND I CANT WAIT TO KILL THIS FREAK!!!
The end king the ultimate ender dragon and the end wither all fight each other who will win?
Wither because it can fly and the ender king could't hit it and the enderdragon has less health then the wither
The Ender Dragon would not get attacked and it would not fight back because I tried Wither vs Enderdragon and the wither would attack the Enderdragon and it would take no damage