Published on March 24, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2021)

End Update Addon

This is my End Update addon which is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.16.220 through 1.17.0! This was in work for 4 months and I have now decided to release it! Many new features are being brought to your game with this addon that you're sure to love!

This is my End Update addon. I originally started this project back in December, and have been working on it since then. This is primarily focused on making the End dimension a much better and more interesting place. 

Above, this is the Aphalaf Plant. It has baby and adult sizes (just being baby and adult). It is a primarily ranged attacker, which depending on how far you are from it, depends on the radius of Seed Bombs summoned. When you're up close, it will melee attack by biting you and giving you the weakness effect. But only the baby attacks you if you attack it first. If you're not prepared, it could be your last battle!

What are these 2? The purple one is an Evupul, which is a flying mob. It can be ridden, but it can't be controlled, so pay attention to where it's going! Killing it will give you an Evupul Wing, which can be used for... Something... 

The gold one is a Golden Evupul. It is a rarer variant of the Evupul. It has more hp, can resist fire, and can be controlled. Yes it is fully functional now! Killing him drops a Golden Evupul Wing, which also has a use... 

The Evupuls are not hostile mobs, they are just kinda like mindless, nicer phantoms in a way, but they are not related to phantoms in any way.

This big guy is the End Baron! He is probably the third most deadly thing in the End (second being the Aphalaf Boss, and first none other than the Ender Dragon). He may look fragile, but ooooo is that wrong! With no armor (or just crappy armor) he can kill you in 1 hit! If you have good armor, you'll survive, but get the slowness effect. It's not bc he's slow, but it's so he has a speed advantage! When he has targeted you, he runs as fast as you do, so if he slows you down, he can get you no problem! He is a natural rival to the Aphalaf Boss, so you can use that guy to distract the End Baron and get away, but be warned, the Aphalaf Boss could kill you before you have a chance to escape!

This here is an Aggressive Aphalaf Plant. It's slightly larger than the normal one, and is stronger, as expected. There is also no baby forme. And, it will attack on sight! Fortunately, they are only summoned by the Aphalaf Boss! Wow, thanks dude -_-

This is the Watcher. He may look boring, but he's quite unique! He spawns in his default form (left) usually, but will sometimes spawn in a flower-like variant called the Watcher Tower (right) (bc its eye is raised up). All the Watcher does is, well, watch you... But, if you experiment with him, you may discover a secret, that I'm not gonna reveal! (It's an easter egg in the addon, bc why not).

This is the Yenog. It is like a horse, you can mount it, tame it, saddle it, power jump, etc. It eats Veloett Berries, Aphalaf Berries, and Chorus Fruit. It is technically blind, so it trusts that you won't lead it to it's death. Be responsible with your Yenog.

This is the Veloett Hanger. It is a friend of the End Baron. When another entity is nearby, it feels threatened and will give all the End Barons in the area the Regeneration effect. It heals them up so they can remove the threat (mainly you).

This is the Isogal. This little hovering skeleton-snake like creature is a big problem. He broadcasts his anger to other Isogals and End Barons! Isogals will attack Aphalaf Plants (both normal and aggressive), the player, pigs, piglins, hoglins, and zoglins. They just really don't like pigs. They can, however, be tamed. You need a special material to tame them. Once tamed, they can be equipped with Isogal armor.

These are Dragonflies. There's the most common Green one, a less common Purple one, and the rarest one which resembles the Ender Dragon, the Black one. They are friendly, unless you attack them. They will poison you if you hurt them, so it's best to just leave them alone. They can be bred tho. They like Veloett, Aphalaf, Frostvine, and Suluf Berries.

These are Mistflies. They are like Dragonflies, but have only this one variant, and spawn only in the Frost Cave, so it seems more like a biome. They will not poison you if you hurt them, but will still attack you.

This is a Bonefly. It's basically the same as a Mistfly, except it's fire immune, and the baby doesn't grow, and it spawns anywhere underground except in a Frost Cave.

This is the Nusagar. It's a new boss, the deadliest one, with 800 hp, 50 attk, teleports, and a variety of summon attacks. The Nusagar has 1 second of invulnerability after being hurt, unless it's going to blast you away, then it's 5 seconds. It can now be summoned at the Nusa Temple! 

This is the Nuskull. It's one of the things the Nusagar will summon. It has a weak attack, but DO NOT kill it, unless you can deal 30+ damage in 1 hit. It explodes when it's hurt, unless it gets killed in 1 hit, which then it will drop a wearable Nuskull. It has 30 hp, but I think that's obvious by now...

The White Enderman! Nostalgia, anyone? No? Well, it spawns in the Mullaphus Sporelands. It functions the same as a regular Enderman. 

Small Dragon. They spawn mainly in the Endra Forest, but  ccan rarely spawn in the Purul Forest.They eat Dragonfruit, and can be tamed and bred, which gives birth to a baby dragon. There's also a secret variant of them...

This is The Baby Dragon. They don't spawn. Only obtainable by breeding Small Dragons. And they also won't fight for you, but like, you really expect a baby to fight for a grown man? The secret variant also applies to them as well... 

This addon adds new generation to the End Dimension as well, which you can check out yourself, bc it's pretty simple. Trees and plants you can use bone meal on and whatever.

Oh before I "End" off (I'm not funny :[ ) there's new structures too!

This is an End Spring. Its nothing special, except for some decent loot. Other than that, it's just for looks. Oh wait, it's also a source of water for the End! And it's not tryna kill me either!!!

Yup, you guessed it, it's an End Cave! It may be small, but it's got resources! Water (although the Spring is better for that) and it's even got lava! What does that mean? Ooo an infinite cobble generator for the End! Something else useful! These cozy little caves generate underground, and the walls and ceiling can sometimes be composed of different stuff.

This is a End Cave Large. It's a bigger cave with much more resources in it, including the material to tame the Isogal. Some of the stuff in that cave can only be found in there.

This is the End Tower. This is a pretty rare structure, and it has randomized loot! You can get some real cash... or some real trash... But hey, it's loot right?

There's even a new panorama!

This is another structure, called the Frost Cave. This is the home of the Nitrogen Squid and the Mistfly.

These are Mini End Cities. They can generate on the ground, and in the sky. They are mainly just for visuals, but you can hang out in them too. There's nothing really special about them.

This is an End Volcano. They are made of end stone and lava, but natural block gen can change it's composition. It may be small, but it's got all the lava you could need, right?

The Nusa Temple!

This is where you summon the Nusagar.


The Purul Forest

The Aphal Forest

The Glymeron Forest 

The Linsera Forest 

The Burmylon Swamp

The Endesert 

The Endra Forest 

The Mullaphus Sporelands (This biome normally has a lot of particles in the air)

Note that the biomes will not generate on the Main Island. This was done on purpose. 

Each biome has slightly different mob spawning, so certain mobs appear more in some biomes, and less/not at all in other biomes.

The Linsera Forest is probably the safest biome, and the Endesert is probably the most dangerous, seeing as End Barons spawn nearly twice as much there!

Above are the subpacks containing a pair of biomes. This can be changed anytime, so you can have all 8 biomes in a world at once!

There is an option in the RP to disable particles. If you're a low end user (like me) then this is very useful!

The tools show how much damage they apply in their name. The Endorium and Endtal armor and tools have a durability of 2032.

There's a new material. It's called Endeiron. The durabilities of Endeiron armor and tools is 3122. The tools are even more powerful than Endorium and Endtal. The ore is very rare, and generates close to the void.

Improved Armor Textures!

I've even started on a brewing concept, but it's not complete.

For help with the addon, type the command "/function help"

That's all I'm showing here! Find out the rest by downloading the addon!


I am open to any new ideas for the addon, so if you have any, please tell me.

I'd also like to hear your feedback! What do you think?

Some more structures:

Latest - End Fossil 

Generates in the Endesert and Burmylon Swamp


Select version for changelog:


Implemented generation rules for the end fossil 

Included picture of Nusa Temple in description 

Structure generation in the Endesert has been fixed 

More bug fixes as usual


Manifest has been updated, the addon should update automatically

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I made a video on how to summon the Nusagar. Go to my YouTube channel to check it out. Or just search How to summon the Nusagar.
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so mcpedl deleted my last comment but when will mullaphus and endra be added as a behaviour setting?
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if this is like the Minecraft dungeons echoing void dlc
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Is it ok if i edit the add-on so i can possibly make the biomes generate all at once without overriding one another
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hello DeadVoxelx   ,
I am HermitMira from NextPlume-a Chinese translation team ,can I sole agency all of your resources and translate them to China Minecraft Resource platform ?
It’s not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!
We hope more players will enjoy the resource in minecraft!
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I like the Mullaphus Sporelands because it looks cool
We need more biomes
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I am super impressed with this addon, but I have two issues.
1. There is no biome set for the mullaphus sporelands and endra forest. When will this be added?
2. The new planks cant be used to make bookshelves.
Anyways, this is so awesome to play, especially in multiplayer, keep up the good work!
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Hey good mod but you know I would like if you could improve the textures of the trees but removing that is a very good mod of the end I congratulate you I only had that suggestion about the textures
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Can someone help me with this, I can’t install his on my Xbox but it installs just fine on my phone this is the only addon I’ve had this issue with
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I made a video on how to summon the Nusagar. Go to my YouTube channel to check it out. Or just search How to summon the Nusagar.
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Hey, can’t you just add an option that makes all biomes generate at once? Because I want all of the biomes to be equally generated, and I am too lazy to change the options all the time!
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As much as I would like to do that, I sadly can't. The biomes are just sets of features, and they would all override eachother if they were all together.
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how do you put all the biomes?
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This works great but I recommend:

- Decrease spawn rate of baby dragoons

- Alphalf bosses continue to explode after defeating
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Mine has a bug, there is no forest in The end, can you fix it?
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Me encanta, sigue asi!
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