Published on November 21, 2016 (Updated on June 11, 2020)

Ender Horse Add-on

This addon implements a new horse called the Ender Horse to the game. Its main feature is its ability to teleport. The teleportation is random so it's quite hard to control but it's nonetheless a quite unique feature for a horse. It has on average more health than other horses and it also has some boosted speed and jumping abilities. 

How does it work?

The Ender Horse can be found spawning naturally in the Overworld. A horse can be tamed simply by sitting on it until you see some heart particles as then you will know it is tamed. To be able to control the horse you will need to place a saddle on the horse.
  • iOS / Android: Open the inventory while sitting on the horse and select a saddle in your inventory to add it to the horse back.
  • Windows 10: Press 'E' while sitting on the horse and drag-and-drop the saddle in the correct slot.

Tamed Ender Horses will not teleport. However, wild ones does, so that creates quite a challenge for taming them. Tamed ones jump 5 blocks high (at max) and have a total of 33 full hearts.

General Features

  • Spawns naturally in the Overworld
  • Health: 33 hearts
  • Its health is naturally regenerated
  • Tame one similar to taming any other horse
  • Wild Ender Horses teleport at random (tamed ones doesn't)
  • Jumps 5 blocks high
  • You can add the power to teleport using a ender pearl
  • You can remove the power to teleport using a bucket of milk


  • It replaces the zombie horse because Mojang never released the horse animation files.

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  • Removed fall damage (it didn't make sense to jump high and take damage)
  • Note: It replaces the zombie horse because Mojang never released the horse animation files

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Can i use this in my addon, i will give you credit.
Very good addon.
I really just don't like creators that use sites like linkvertise to make money off of there content. Its not making money that i don't like, its how they do it that i'm against. Linkvertise is probably not very easy to use for inexperienced people, and the advertisements that they show can also lead people to possible download a virus or have there account compromised. It even forces you to disable adblock. Instead of this, try using a different website that doesn't force you to enable notifications, or redirect the user to shady advertisements and websites. All they want to do is download something for minecraft that they are interested in, nothing more, nothing less. i really don't think a few bucks are worth all the issues that websites like Linkvertise can cause.
Yes you’re right...a few bucks are worth more than you :)
I agree with this, linkvertise should be banned from mcpedl, it literally downloads an exe file on pc, adfly however is just 5 seconds or maybe just closing some other tabs that opened and shouldn't be banned
Yeah it makes me download this weird addon
this is one of the first addon in mcpe, you're probably a newbie on mc
did anyone else get led through a chain of links and then get a notification from a preson named alice? It was apperently directed through linkvertise?
how do i download an addon?
I like this add-on, the best thing is that it replaces the zombie horse, so that useless entity is used
Doesn't add a new horse, replaces zombie horse instead
It's okay to replace the zombie horse, so that useless entity is used
the zombie horse is not useless its the best horse you can get a tamed on by doing /summon Minecraft:zombie_horse ~ ~ ~ {Type: 4, Tame: 1}
Someone needs to make an assassin’s creed addon
Can u make a neon blue version
Wow Awesome!A Ender Horse!
That horse looks just like the one from starless night, did u perhaps find inspiration from it?
Can you make some more addons cause you are only making maps
Maybe some unicorn addons or Pegasus or just animal addons