Published on August 06, 2019 (Updated on July 04, 2020)

Ender Shadows Add-on V. 1.3.0

This addon adds a large number of Objects to the Game. You can find from Tools, Swords, Food and More. And In addition to new spawn rules and new loots.

You can also find the new entity, the "Ender Trader" when exploring The End

This Addon has created by ZhackerHero

Art by BBones & Mr. Potato Dino

Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed textures of various items
  • Ender Trader 3D Model has been changed
  • Added animations for the Ender Trader
  • New Mob! Ender's Eye
  • The generation of Shulker and Endermites does not obstruct the generation of Enderman
  • A Guide was added with all the Information about the Addon that can be consulted in the section "How to Play?"

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Please update for the 1.14
Also plz update to 1.12
Where do you find the ender trader and how to spawn?? Other than that everything is fine oh yeah I can’t get the ender dust from endermites??
It looks really good and i want to download it but my pc doesnt work with adfly can you make a mediafire link?
When I opened up the blocks menu in the creative inventory, it crashed the game!! Fix this now or I will put your Addon on report to the MCPE DL community!!! I give this only one star because of the lying changelog!! Your Addon sucks!!
U just have trash device
Well, buddy, listen up. If you’re gonna say that Zhacker’s addon sucks just because it crashed AND only give it one star, I think you suck, not the addon.
Definitely right
the game crashes every time I open the building blocks in creative. Plz fix
We apologize for the inconvenience, please read the “Crashes” section to understand the situation a bit more.
Thank you
Game crashes every time I open craft table inventory (Ender shadows with blocks 1.2.1) so have to uninstall hope it’s fixed soon though!
We apologize for the inconvenience, please read the "Crashes" section to understand the situation a bit more.
Thank you
Can someone give me a direct link to mediafire. my devicedoesnt work with adfly
very nice but sprites need some work imo
Can you make phantoms spawn naturally in the end? Like maybe 1-3 can spawn above the player in the main dragon island they can be seen roaming around in the outer islands where end cities generate?
I can't do word it because link just puts me on the website where i can't do anything. Do something about it please
Can we get a mediafire link?
Please fix the ender trader and so whenever i go into creative inventory building it doesn’t crash.
Dude, it never redirects me to mediafire and its really annoying can I get a different link please