Published on November 25, 2016

Ender Wither Addon

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The addon is cool, but I have an idea to improve the mob link: /, there mob has cool abilities and holds command block
Even you add that addon, killing the wither to me is so easy. Just practice your skills to defeat the wither. ?????
This is really good add on could you make the wither teleport range a little bit less cause i made an arena and it just teleport instantly out of the arena it teleports way too fast and too far pls fix that
Why does it seem to make mobs teleport it acts like endersickness somebody explain plz?
i will try this addon because i add all addon
Why are the wither skulls different?
Well I killed the Ender Dragon in one hit plus I killed the ultimate Ender dragon addon
I installed it go to the end BANG A one hit shot now sit is your turn Ender wither....
Nice add on
Really adds the boss effect to the wither
Ugh I want a T-Rex Addon
Yeah I agree
Cool you could make a ender addon where you make ender versions of every mob thumbs up this comment if you agree
That addon will come out in the future
It already exists...