Enhanced Survival Add-on

Have you ever wanted mineraft to be more realistic? or wanted a balanced weapons or crafting addon? Well then this is the mod for you! NOTE: I will not be making thirst bars or temperature bars due to the limitations of my modding app.

You can bake carrots in a furnace or a campfire, same with beets.

You can craft baked apples like this:

There are weapons in this addon too.

You can craft a Wooden Spear like this:

then, you can upgrade it by baking it on a campfire to make it into a Hard Wooden Spear. 

You can upgrade the Hard Wooden Spear into a Stone Spear like this:

you can craft a Knife like this:

and you can craft a scythe like this:

You can also craft jerky by baking Cooked Beef in a campfire. It doesn't work in a furnace though!

This mod also fixes a few problems in vanilla minecraft:

You can now craft a saddle like this:

(the weird thing in the middle means any wood planks)

And horse armor like this:

You can also craft a lead without slime like this:

And a Name Tag like this:

You now have to craft a furnace with a campfire now, and it overrides so you can't craft it the old way anymore.

Blast Furnaces are now super expensive:

There are four new biomes now: Sand Dunes, Arctic Wastes, Thick Forests, and Enormous Mountains. There are also easter eggs in this addon but I won't tell you, all I will tell you is that it has to do with bedrock.

You need to blast obsidian in a blast furnace


You can now craft zombie flesh into something useful, finally!

First you need to cook zombie flesh into a furnace, so it becomes Clean Flesh. 

Then you need to craft a Needle.

You can use the needle as a weapon but you shouldn't because it is not a very good weapon.

Then, make the Needle into a Needle and Thread

Then craft the Clean Flesh and the Needle and Thread together to make leather.

Or you can cook the clean flesh into raw beef.

You can now craft 3 carpet together to get wool. It will lose its dye though, so be careful!

We added more easter eggs too

The furnace craft recipe has been fixed, before, you had to craft it with a campfire, which could only be crafted with charcoal from a furnace; now, you can craft campfire without charcoal.

the weird things mean 'any sapling'

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  • added Needle
  • added Needle and Thread
  • Updated textures
  • added Clean Flesh
  • more eggs lol
  • fixed broken furnace recipe

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Overall great mod. The only issue is the furnace. I do like that you added the campfire to the furnace crafting, but to craft a campfire you need one charcoal, which can only be made in a furnace.
@FireDragon0240 in next update we will fix that
Nice!!can u add like a bear trap?