Published on January 01, 2017 (Updated on June 06, 2017)

Epican Republic [Creation]

Installation Guides

Why are you so obsessed about the name of your city, Epicana? You put it EVERYWHERE! I wanted to rename that city! It took me a lot of work!
Ah yes, the stealer. No man, that's messed up.
It’s not loading fully for me!
I tried preloading it but that doesn’t work.
Can anyone give me a fix please?
Many of the houses oddly look the same....I have the feeling this guy made atleast 6 different houses and used World Edit Mod to copy paste them and combine them and fix them to make this??!!
Great map, but my items have been disabled so i cant decorate anything!
Wow cool can u make a dye able cakes like ender cake chocolate cake BUT FOR IOS and plates u can put foods on it IOS pls
Do you guys know how to increase render distance?
Mine only goes to 6 chunks max...
Is it because of the recent update?
destroy all the end chrystals i hit them and it explodes the whole building that there in
I can't get it I tap on the then it says it's importing but the it brings me back to Media fire. Can you make it work please!?
Does this have a school
THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!! THANK U ????????????????????????????????
Hey I think my cousin made this map?
Too bad you build this map on flat
It doesn't matter if they built it on flat
this really works and i really love this map?
I will not plagirize it