Published on October 20, 2022 (Updated on January 22, 2023)

Equipment for Mobs Enchantment Update

Do you think mobs need more weapons and armor? Addon that adds more gear for the undead, monsters of nether, skeletons and illagers. The plugin is compatible for version 1.19.50 onwards.

and now with enchantments !!!

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  • enchanted weapons and armor for all mobs
  • updated for recent versions

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I maybe found a bug why some chickens drop armor and totems it might be more with other animals
The file installs with numerous warnings so avoid this disastrous failure.
aw man, does this use player.json :(, that's a shame :(
tiene algunos errores como que los pollos sueltan loot de armaduras, los esqueletos salen sin pechera y los ahogados salen con pollos crudos en la mano y sin armadura
In a New Update can you add the armor for the Illagers, Pillagers and Evoker???
This is very epic.

You could make another addon that is like this, but if only 25% or 30% of the enemies came out with armor, it would be great!
I will make other balanced versions
I'm lovin 'it!!! Thank you very much

I wish it was compatible with the Tartarean mobs addon, it would be super brutal and dangerous in survival