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Published on November 22, 2015 (Updated on November 22, 2015)

Escape - Reign of Maldor [Adventure] [Puzzle]

Escape - Reign of Maldor is an adventure map mixed with puzzles, parkour and mob battles. After being captured by Master Maldor he has for the last months been using you as a lab rat. You have decided to escape your captivity but it's harder than you possibly could have imagined. It's an incredibly well made map with a good variety of challenges.

Creator: Ninjason9


You've stopped counting the days. It really feels like you've been a captive of Master Maldor for ages and every day he runs tests on you. He's an evil creature with a sadistic mind. This is not what you imagined your life would look like and now you've come to the conclusion that you have to escape.


  • Read all signs for clues and instructions
  • Only allowed to break blocks which are mentioned on the signs
  • In every room there's a hidden key, find it
  • It says play on peaceful, but we (MCPE DL) think it should actually be played on max difficulty

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Gonna make a vid on this and give credits and the download link!
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The map has so much lag that I can't even play >:( . This so stupid!!
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I have an android phone and astro file manager and it dosnt have all the things in the "path" can someone help because i wanna play the tests
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Android guide:
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