Published on July 05, 2020 (Updated on July 06, 2020)

Escape Room: Pagoda

Escape Room: Pagoda is a challenging map set in a Japanese styled building packed with five different puzzles of varying levels of difficulty. This map will challenge you to use your wits. Attempt to complete it alone for the greatest challenge, or work with your friends to tackle Escape Room: Pagoda!

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Removed the section that changes the player into survival mode to place blocks as it was unnecessary and could lead to players breaking the map


  • Escape Room_Pagoda V.Play 1.1.mcworld

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I got bored so I destroyed the whole map! Hahahahaha.!
Amazingly difficult map. had great fun beating it with my friends.
its nice kinda hard tho
make a version for 1.12!
this puzzle map was very fun I loved it!
Its_Not_RonBon123 July 06, 2020 at 1:28 am
Me and my friend did it in like 7 Minutes! Great Map!
I gave up in like 5 minutes
great map, got stuck after the first checkpoint (red block parkor) and had to quit but it is a cool map.