Escape the Nether - Chapters: 1 - 2

One day you and your friend heard of the nether update (1.16) and decided to venture into the new and updated nether! This is a one-two player map and is a great adventure map showcasing some of the features of the nether update(1.16) and is a great play. please enjoy.

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Changed Download to linkvertise for user safety :) 

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sorry for the broken link, it will be fixed very soon. thank you for the feedback enjoy our maps.
download link is still broken oof
How does the link to "UlTRA-SURVIVAL" need fixing? and thx for telling me
No, the link of this page literally leads to a download link to ULTRA SURVIVAL. Just click on the DOWNLOAD ADFLY TO MEDIAFIRE link to see it yourself.
scripting fixed sorry about that, and i will make it easier in terms of mobs in the next chapters, thx for the feedback :)
Godlyone1104(founder of eternitystudios)
Hey can you fix the link, the link leads to a Ultra Survival map. Thanks.
I cant do it cos the mobs keep killing me and taking me to the respawn anchor
Thanks for the feedback i will remove scripts sorry for the inconvenience
It says I can't play becuase my device doesn't support scripting... how so?