Escape The School [Puzzle]

Do you have what it takes to Escape The School? This fun singleplayer map tests your Minecraft Skills and your ability to solve puzzles! Will you break free or become prisoners like all the other candidates who dared to challenge!

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The walkthrough video is here so you'll no longer be stuck! Head to the download link and grab the MP4 file!


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Definitely not a bad map, it could use a lot more polish. But overall, not bad.
I can’t see a thing in the map and both of my brightness’s were at 100. But it’s still a good map!
This was by far the best adventure map I’ve played in a while. Please make a part 2?
Thanks for the feedback. Part 2 is definitely being considered and may be developed soon. For now, stay tuned for more maps by us!
i cant play it on IOs.
Hi, and thank you for the comment. To import to IOS, simply download the world file from the given link, then open it. You should see Minecraft appear as an open with option. If you are still stuck, please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can further support you.
Hi, and thanks for the feedback. We are developing more maps that will be sure to be even better than this! Be sure to search The Sonic Master on whenever you can!
this was fun but some what easy
Hi and thanks for the feedback. We are likely to be developing part 2, and it will likely be harder than this!
Can you make this multi-player compatible?
Hi there, sorry this map is not multiplayer compatible. We are working on future maps and most of them will support multiplayer. Converting to multiplayer is a simple process - it just requires changing @p in the command blocks to @a. We will consider also updating this map for multiplayer in the future, however we can only put 1 key in each chest.
Great Map (Puzzle)! I love the first part of it but... When I past the first part, I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING and can’t find what to do, I tried to do the walkthrough but it won’t let me!!! So can you tell me what to do instead?
Sorry about poor lighting. Set device and MC brightness to maximum. After leaving A13, deactivate the fire alarm by flipping the lever in the corridor. Then look for a RED shulker box on the ceiling, containing the key to the next room. After that, kill the zombie teacher (takes 2-3 hits with hand), then press the button above from where it appeared from. It opens a secret room with a key to the next room. Still stuck? Reply to this comment or stay tuned for a walkthrough document coming soon.
Could you post a YouTube walkthrough
Hi and thanks for the suggestion. We plan to upload the walkthrough video to YouTube This Sunday (24th Feb), stay tuned and we will give you a link then.
I think the map will be bootiful,anyways you should make a part 2!
Thank you for the feedback! We may create a sequel to this map soon, and we will be sure to give you a mention in the credits for the idea!
Thank you for the suggestion! We will put it into consideration!
Hi, if you are experiencing a problem could you please describe it in more detail, so we can fully assist you? Thank you.
Recommendation: make it a bit longer, it was kinda easy
Thanks for the feedback! More maps are coming soon and these will definitely be longer!
I swear this is impossible... Where is the walk-through?
Hi and thanks for the comment. We apologise for any inconvenience, but the video will soon be live. You can download it and watch now as MP4 if you wish. The link is
Hi again, prior to our previous reply, we have now updated the map with a download link to the walkthrough video! If you run into any more problems, don't hesitate to reply or email us at [email protected] and we'll be able to get back to you!
awsome map but the sares and lights where very creepy i played this map on 3AM
Fear not! There are no jumpscares! The zombie in A12 can be defeated easily with 2 / 3 standard hand hits. The lighting is quite poor - agreed. The best we suggest is playing with gamma setting of both device and game maximum. Console / PC should not experience lighting issues, it seems to be just on mobile. Thanks for commenting!
I successfully escaped! This map is good!
Thank you for the feedback! More maps are coming soon and will most likely be even better. Leak: the next map coming is a PVE!