Published on September 26, 2018 (Updated on October 19, 2018)

ESG Hide and Seek [Minigame]

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Why so many people interested in downloading this even if its so old.
How to change minimum player limit to 2?
The best game ever
To someone who is interested right now to download it there wont be no more updates to this map the team is already disbanded a long time ago. Sorry.
Found a cheat on the parkour and I can't kill my friends while seeker or hider.
Cheat on the parkour: You hit the levitation block then you float over to the second slime block jump, you end up high enough to make the jump and the next therefore completing the parkour
You have forced friendly fire on and it can’t be fixed so the map is just broken and won’t work as a hide and seek map needs a fix
i cant tag my friend in the game
...I can't tag anyone and others can't tag too when we play the map...

...Minecraft 1.7.0


(i wanted to play it with my kids...)
Its shouldn't be possible not to tag cuz its locked to tag by default. Try to redownload then re-import to minecraft.
It’s super good. Like at first I thought “this is an easy map” but as we kept playing, we found great hiding spots and we were like “oooohhh I didn’t know that” and it’s a really cool map.:)
I spawned in a new world and the map wasn't even their
I created a new world and when i spawned in the map wasn't there, What do i do?
Try re-download the map then re-import it to the game.
Can someone pls tell me all the secret rooms of this map pls, ive been trying for a month to uncover its mystery but i only got this glotching book of murders
We might be going to update this map soon might find more secret mysteries there?
This map I played by unspeakablegaming,Ariel,09sharkboy and Moosecraft
Hey bro how to build something new on this map plz say zyx
name urself ItzGamerBonez then /gamemode c ?
pls after you do that, do not post it on other sites pls
Please can u create a another hide and seek map of a modern house