ESTN Shaders Official Release

    ESTN Shaders is now available on Github with its own version and wiki page. Check it out here by clicking this text!

    ESTN Shaders (short ver. of Eldeston) is a shader pack made to change your gameplay’s looks through shaders, like the water noise, plant waves, shader based sun and moon, monochromatic weather, and much more! Presented to you by FlameRender Studios.


    This shader is only for non-RenderDragon editions of Minecraft. There will be no Console version of this shader as it has the Render Dragon Engine which can’t run any shader packs from the previous engine. For more info, continue reading the description.

    This shader also works on Minecraft Education Edition in certain versions. However, the results may be different compared to other platforms. This shader supports Minecraft Bedrock v1.16.0+. Minecraft versions with the new engine will not be able to apply shaders like this into the game as the new engine doesn’t support shaders from the old engine, please check the changelog of the version of Minecraft you’re playing if it has been updated to Render Dragon.


    I have mentioned that 1.6.0 will be the last update for ESTN Shaders, due to a lot of unfixable bugs and performance issues, but today, I will give one more last update for Win10 users who would love to experience ESTN Shaders on their PCs. So yeah, it’s the last update for real, but I’m developing other stuff too. I’m planning on creating another shader to become a successor of ESTN once Render Dragon is out on all platforms. So please keep an eye on my next projects!


    Huuuuge thank you to Xanion for creating a port for ESTN on Win10! I didn’t have a laptop so he helped port ESTN to the Win10 edition of Minecraft. Check out his content here on McpeDL!


Screenshot by Wasserfell on Discord

Screenshot by Zen on Discord

Screenshot by me, Eldeston


Made by friend of mine, UsernameGoesHere, sub to his channel too!


-Shadows! (better than before!)

-New cloud render! (….aerogel clouds?)

-New sky render! (this one manipulates the cubemap textures)

-New water render! (inspired by SDGP, it’s really laggy on low end devices)

-Underwater distortion! (grooving seaweeds!)

-Atmospheric fog! (it also affects underwater)

-Improved custom sun and moon shader! (magnificent days, dawns, and nights!)

-Better beacon beam! (my eyes are burning aaaaa)

-Foliage and water animations! (swaying like the wind!)

-Weather monochrome! (inspired by UltraMax)

-Emissive maps! (it may look buggy in specific areas since it depends on the brightness of the texture)

-Twinkling colored stars! (Better to see it in-game)

-And other experimental features! These features can only be enabled in the preset file, these features are sunbeams, speculars, and others!

-Together with Xanion’s Super Duped clouds, it makes ESTN Shaders magnificently beautiful! Check out his shader and combine it with ESTN!


-Completely removed the optimization feature due to device precision errors.

-Heavily optimized the codes to improve performance for mid range devices.

-Replaced the title logo and changed version to 1.6.3 a.k.a Github Edition


    Most of the bugs known in ESTN Shaders at the moment are precision related, and some for some reason, not solvable. Most of these issues came from iOS devices and some from ancient android devices. However these bugs are hard for me to fix, so it might be better to use this shader on mid to high end phones or use a preset that minifies those bugs. For Win10(before the RenderDragon update), there is a bug when you mess with the AA (anti-aliasing) toggle it makes everything black, it seems to only happen if the AA is off.


   Information about the configuration and customization of this shader is found in ESTN’s repository’s wiki page here. A full text guide is also provided in this ESTN’s Github repository’s wiki page. A video tutorial has also been made, but it’s currently outdated.

    You can do so much just by editing the presets. You can find some examples from our members in our Discord server on ESTN’s Preset page!


   This shader has been completely overhauled which means I can give it a new license, so this pack now uses the GNU GPL License. This means you can share/repost this pack anywhere except McpeDL as long as there is a copyright notice. I recommend that you should inform me before you’re going to repost this shader. Info about this license will be found at or in LICENSE.txt. Here’s a summarization of the license (but it’s still needed to read the full one for a full clarification of the license):

   The full license text is in the pack. Please read them before modifying the pack.


   Yes you. Read the description in order to meet what you’re supposed to expect from this pack, because I’m getting A LOT of people asking obvious questions which answer is literally in the description. So please, don’t just judge the book by its cover. If you don’t like this shader at all, then find another that suits you.

I favor this comment, at least this guy understands me.


    Come join my Discord server to talk about other developments made by our studio-community!

    FlameRender Studios Discord Server

    Or follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my Youtube channel to get updated with my recent developments and contents!

    @Eldeston’s Twitter

    @Eldeston’s Channel

   You can become a supporter by doing any of the above, or donate through paypal! Making content for free it tough for me, so making money is quite hard, a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

    @Paypal donation

Changelog View more

-Added a Paypal donation link. There are also other ways to support me other than money, that is either by joining by Discord server or following me on Twitter or subscribe to my YouTube channel!

-This shader no longer works on Win10 1.16.200 and above now that the engine has been updated with Render Dragon, will still be able to operate in mobile versions of Minecraft as they still have not been updated to Render Dragon

-Moved all presets to the ESTN Preset wiki page on Github

-Updated download link instructions

-Changed main thumbnail

-Edited certain paragraphs for proper emphasis

-Change main download link to Github

-Grammar mistakes and codes fixed within the file

-Replaced the old title logo with the new one

-Changed to version 1.6.3 and renamed it ESTN Shaders Github Edition

-Win10 support added.

-Made the mobile preset file universally compatible with the Win10 presets.

-Few tweaks and fixes to the code.

-Over 30+ bugs fixed

-Revamped logo and panorama

-Optimized the codes heavily

-And more that I'm too lazy to put in this list :D

-Fixed download link showing ERROR 404

-Switched to Google Drive due to Dropbox limitations

-Fixed the description typos the second time.....

-Added a new link with their description (the main link gives more money, please use it for support \(._.)/

-Fixed some description typos


-Rebuilt the description

-Added new features

   -Sun and moon shader

   -Water noise

   -Water caustics

   -Custom cloud shader (aerogel clouds)

   -New fog layer

   -Improved wave animation

   -New panorama

   -Improved shadows

-Updated to v1.3.0

-Fixed some parts of the upload description

-Added the trailer link in the description

-Fixed manifest error

-Tone adjustments

-Optimization adjustments

-Fixed weird panorama

-Updated description

-Added a new download link (in case the other fails)


1. Follow the instructions that Mcpedl provided after you use one of the links below(may vary according to the link shorteners. Why three links? Because 2 of them are banned in certain countries)

2. It should automatically download after you got through the ads if you followed McpeDL's instructions. You can try using Linkvertise or the Github download link(found in ESTN's Github file) if all other links won't work, but if possible please use the first two download links to support the creator.

3. Wait for your download to finish, then import the pack by extracting the files to your resource pack folder manually or use McpeDL's app to download ESTN. If you're on iOS, install ESTN by following McpeDL's text tutorial or video tutorial.

4. Activate the pack in Minecraft, make it top priority(to avoid file interruptions), and enjoy! Please make sure you do all the steps correctly to make it work.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101



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679 Responses

4.31 / 5 (248 votes)
  1. akatsuki_fan says:

    it looks nice but I cant download it because linkvertise wants me to turn on notifications and I wouldn’t do it even for 1000 $

  2. Wawancraftia says:

    I haven’y downloaded it, but it looks nice in those photos. But idk is minecraft pe 1.16.201 uses render dragon or not

  3. New Gamer says:

    Pls add windows 10 version plsssss and i would also add that there is a bug in PE that the dirt path in villages have Shadows too big

  4. YAHIR77 says:

    Como le hiciste para simular los rayos de sol??

  5. Dimitrius Films says:

    I am on Minecraft v1.16.201. Does this shader still work on Windows 10?
    The version I have is not working
    I won’t download it if it does not work ever agaon pls tell me

  6. Hey, can you get this to work for 1.16.200? Shaders don’t work anymore because of this update. They added RTX and I think that is why.

  7. TheDarkBunny112 says:

    Just a quick question before I download this pack, that looks astonishing btw, does the rain have some sort of puddle like reflection on the grass and blocks? I’ve seen it in some packs but idk

  8. Great i love this shader 10/10 but i will like if you add glowing ores.Prety great idea write

  9. Steeeeve says:

    If you guys are wondering what pack I’m talking about, I’m talking about my pack that was called STX.

  10. LiriksuKun says:

    Is this shaders okay for lower-end devices? Like i have 2gb ram, pretty sad.

  11. Steeeeve says:

    Eldeston, thank you so much for giving us what we wanted, you’re a legend and you’ll go down in the history of Minecraft Shader Creators.

  12. Amazing shader you did a good job,
    most of the comments are so toxic like stop demanding stuff
    if you not toxic this don’t apply to you

  13. Game Master 2.0 says:

    HOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT. Someone finally did it. The perfect shader. Wow. Thank you so much. You cannot improve on this because it is already FUCKING PERFECT. Don’t change a thing.

    Your new #1 fan

  14. HelloHiHello says:

    Thank you so much for making the link to a zip file of the pack, I have a bug on my game where I can’t download mcpacks or mcworlds, so I have to import the pack folder to the resource_packs folder

  15. Johnlloyd PH says:

    Please make the download link media fire please……..

  16. Chrominum Official says:

    Honestly an amazing shader and I really like the look of it. My only problem is (not saying its a bad shader) is that it looks very similar to some of the other high end shaders for Bedrock. I prefer the Bicubic shader but I can tell that there is a lot of effort and work that was put into this.

  17. Ms Fishy says:

    According to the minecraft gamepedia the render dragon will fully release with 1.16.200 so a sad thing is shaders like this are going to be gone

  18. Endermatt says:

    Make the clouds cover sky when raining would be cool tho so pls?

  19. I Like Programmer Art says:

    i like it. i reccomend you use mediafire or linkvertise as download links. btw im good at adfly because im used to it and i always pass the ads lol. you can tell me guys how to do it

  20. Larxene69 says:

    para mí, es sin duda el mejor shader de minecraft pe que existe actualmente, es que es simplemente hermoso, lo único que se podría mejorar es la optimización, ya que le da varios lagasos a mi cel, pero luego de eso el shader es simplemente perfecto, 10/10

  21. amazing, great job :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  22. Mizific says:

    Where is the Mediafire Link?

  23. GrayEliteWolf says:

    Hey! I don’t want to download a virus while trying to download this very good looking shader. Does anyone know how to do that? (BTW I’m on windows 10)
    please tell me I really like the look of these shaders and I’ve been wanting to try em out so badly.

  24. Steeeeve says:

    Come on then guys, It’s time to upgrade to Minecraft Java Edition

  25. Okir says:

    This is a great shader, and I’m glad that it’s finally available on windows 10. Only thing that bothers me is that preset definitions don’t work on win10.

    • Eldeston says:

      You may need a clearer instructions on how to edit it, but the tutorial video for the new preset system is still being produced…

      • Hello, may I ask something from you?
        Would it be possible if you can show me of where the file is for the clouds?
        I was wanting them in another shader pack but I don’t fully know of what file they are.
        And no, I’m not going to use it in a shader pack of my own. I’m only using them to modify a shader that I have. Thanks 🙂

  26. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Ah yes, finally a shader creator of quality, a shader creator that makes win 10 support is braincelled

  27. CoolName says:

    you actually did it, support for windows 10. Respect to you

  28. Very well done job! 🙂
    The lighting is (almost) on dot, the waves are perfect and the sun is amazing. The only few problems this has is that its saturated (extremely) and for the end rods on the bottom, their texture messes up (for some odd reason).

    But other than that, I had no problems running it on my pc. Keep this up, mate! 🙂

  29. qiyunjian says:

    Thanks!This is amazing!

  30. Imagine if Normal Maps are supported and a lot of bugs get fixed, dang that would rival RTX Minecraft! Keep it up and good luck on your other projects!

  31. Wahrmensxch says:

    I’m surprised, this shader is amazing I like the fog and the underwater fog the sunbeam or flare is the only thing I see that should get fixed, it goes through walls.

  32. Pikachu11782 says:

    I love this shader pack its absolutely amazing. I like the bloom the most about this shader pack.

  33. Negative73 says:

    This shader is really great. I’m looking forward to what you come up with in the future.

  34. ChatNoir33777 says:

    BRO!!!! I LOVED THE SHADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  35. TXOG says:

    Yes. Normal Minecraft just looks bad now

  36. Thobeo20vn says:

    Finally, an Update for Window10
    though there is a bug I found while playing with this shader
    when you place a Light-emitting block (sea lantern, glow stone,…) on a wood wall (I haven’t tested with other types of blocks) the texture of that block looks weird
    A request:
    can you add an option to disable the shader on water? I love everything about this shade except the water (isn’t bad, I just don’t like it :’3)

  37. Allison_AAA says:

    i like it

  38. Yes, the one that we’ve been waiting for!
    “Return of the king”


  40. Primazal gaming says:

    Bro this is so cool
    But can you make the caves much more easy to see because it bothers me a lot overall it’s 5 stars

  41. RyanDri3957V says:

    Very laggy on my Redmi Note 8,but… Overall it’s good

  42. GibbsX says:

    Since this is the last update ik you wont fix it but the nether is wayy to dark its like a giant cave with a little hit of lava its not meant to be a cave its meant to be a glowing vibrant hell like dimension and also the shadows work horribly i have a decent phone too so it should work (S10)

  43. Matista says:

    Please create a Windows 10 version

  44. Guest-3756103822 says:

    Why the blocks are invisible?!????

  45. Guest-1662280245 says:

    Can it works properly on low end devices.?

  46. Guest-3085654821 says:

    Does anyone know when render dragon is coming out?

  47. a chicken that some how found its way on mcpedl says:

    i want to use this but its not on win 10

  48. Guest-8651754354 says:

    Is there a way to install this without ads?

    I understand you need money, but I can’t get in without tons of scams and not subscribing to a scam, I don’t wanna subscribe to it just for my shader pack. I already installed this and it looks great, but I have to update it so yea :/

  49. Aerospace says:

    Simply one of the best shaders around MCPE.

  50. Guest-2823261543 says:

    Hey dude can i ask if you have to code a code that inports the shader im making to mcpack minecraft pe

  51. You did a great job with this shader

  52. ZipLights says:

    I love this Shader! And People that Said OMG IT DIDNT WORK WHAT A CLICKBAIT. It just show that they Didnt even read the Description XD.

  53. Guest-9852491353 says:

    Hey!! How can i turn on the features at the preset files? will it turn if i just remove the //? Im sorry im new here.

  54. Guest-5770906752 says:

    Please fix this issue: I’ve gone through the ad and got to the google drive page, and when I click download, it takes me to the download page like normal. The problem is that when I click the download button, it says ‘couldn’t download.’ I’ve tried multiple times and it never works. Can you please fix this issue I would love to have this pack.
    PS: before people yell at me that it’s only for mobile, I’m on mobile using google chrome and it still won’t work

    • Guest-9943964969 says:

      I fixed the issue, I ended up having to use safari to download it to my own google drive account and opening that google drive link in chrome, and then it worked, idk why it didn’t before

  55. please add windows 10 support

    • Guest-9512546598 says:

      He can’t until RENDERDRAGON comes out it’s in beta just don’t ask he’ll update it when it comes out

    • Guest-5938077311 says:

      He cannot because RENDERDRAGON is not on all devices and read the description of the shader is clearly says “This shader is only for Minecraft PE (mobile). There will be no Win10 or Console version of this shader as it is the last update.”

  56. Guest-9873049257 says:

    I was surprised to see what you did without the release of Render Dragon, you really did a great shader with all the limitations that there are without the update. I look forward to seeing what you would be able to do, the community should appreciate the work you have done.

  57. Koton Bads says:

    I’m gonna answer some FAQs

    1. G Drive’s not trash, you can’t just use it. You’re not supposed to wait for the preview, you’re supposed to click the download icon

    2. No Windows 10 Version. RENDERDRAGON is still in Beta

    3. If you want help with bugs, go join the discord server.

    4. Use Minecraft to extract the file for you. Open the file, select “open with”, then select Minecraft.

    5. If you have issues with the short link, go read the instructions that MCPEDL gives when you click the link.

    Hopefully that answers your questions

  58. Koton Bads says:

    Translating GLSL to HLSL is hard

  59. Guest-5837932243 says:

    The best shader

  60. Guest-4730081344 says:

    Does anyone know how to reduce the amount of underwater fog?

  61. Guest-2820563182 says:

    Medaifire pls

  62. TMGCH06 says:

    Hi, can I try to port your shader to windows 10? The shader is great and I love this normal map support. I just want to see it on my win10 bedrock edition

  63. Guest-3409447066 says:

    Make mediafire ok i hate i need to wait 24 hours

  64. Guest-4858131775 says:

    I don’t want to sound like someone who hates google drive but it says that too many people have viewed the attached file and that I can not access it because of this. It says that I should wait 24 hours, so, I am. Just wondering if the same thing has happened to you guys and what/if I should do something about it as well as waiting. Good Job on the add on anyways. Thx.

  65. Guest-9429846203 says:

    Shite! I already have MCwin10 and now you made me bought it again ob Appstore…Thx for great shader TwT

  66. Guest-6779157213 says:

    What is a mid phone end for you (2GB ram?)

  67. Guest-3075815137 says:

    Hi can you help me plz I don’t find the config file where he are (for modification I use notepad ++ on Android)

  68. Guest-6246476626 says:

    Nice shader! but the specular thing doesn’t work :/. i’ve enabled it. any help?

  69. Guest-4062743269 says:

    This is my favourite shader for minecraft. But, after the overhaul update, its invisible. I tried turning off all the experimental and laggy features but its still invisible. What should i do now? Or will ESTN not be my main resource pack? My device: Kindle Fire 7th Gen.

  70. Guest-8799834818 says:

    i was waiting for a ‘windows 10 version’ of this for a long time, but i guess not

  71. Guest-2771182926 says:

    it doesnt work. im using ios. iphone xr to be exact but everytime i load in a world its just the blue sky, i cant even see the floor or anything else.

  72. Hi you should add a player shadow to make it more cool

  73. Guest-1780636410 says:

    Do you realize that not all windows 10 are have RTX? only Windows 10 with Rtx card can play with RTX.and careful with the language, you must be rage and mad so you smashed your keyboard and that’s why your letter A got out. I saw many positive comments about the shader even tho they still wanted it to be on windows 10 and you only mad because they wanted it to be on windows 10? Dude.

  74. PG Minh says:

    I played MCPE on my iphone with this shader, It was very nice and cool! To be fair, players on mobile deserved to play with cooler shader. I just only wished this shader could works on windows 10.

  75. Guest-3640520789 says:

    Can you add a shadow of the player?
    And great work

  76. xanion says:

    Clean code, polished settings file, great work!
    Seeya on the other side of the renderdragon update XD

  77. Guest-9116487600 says:

    I downloaded it and im on low end device hahahahaha lol!

  78. Peril says:

    The download link does work on google drive, you guys are just braindead and don’t know how to download stuff.

  79. DXTG Josh says:

    Care to explain how dropbox doesn’t let you download? It worked perfectly fine for me. What’s your devices and maybe some of us here in the comments can help you guys :/

  80. Guest-8743855573 says:

    Uhhh the download does not work 🙁

  81. Guest-5052695445 says:

    WOW, great work! Normalmap works great with RTX textures, thank u so much

  82. Guest-8061052929 says:

    I’m a little disappointed about this shaders cause i hope better and also the link don’t work. DON’T DO WITH GOOGLE DRIVE IT’S USELESS

  83. Awesome, i see that you have worked so hard and put a lot of effort to improve it more and more
    Keep it up ?

  84. Sh4downuub says:

    Hi kinda like your shader. I found it on Lazza’s 9 no lag shader. I got attracted to your shader because when i watched it. If it’s sunrise,there will be a sunbeam but when I downloaded your shader it’s not there sooo… can you please tell me eldeston how to add the sun beam if the is ring. Thanks!

  85. Guest-1595384117 says:


  86. Nice shader, it’s very inventive(idk the right term but it’s unique)

  87. Guest-4392808665 says:

    Hi sir, what did you use to make this behaviour pack? Btw, this was really cool

  88. Guest-7943235289 says:

    It looks and runs very well on my IPhone 11.

  89. ZipLights says:

    LOL I Don’t understand why people don’t Read the Description Like they are gonna Comment this Shafee and say OMG IT DIDNT WORK ON IPHONE WHAT A CLICKBAIT Lol Read The Description. so you could download it of you issues with it.

  90. Guest-2633389044 says:

    I can not download it because it says “Cant download it also says 0KB/0KB so yeah please fix this issue is encountered while using My IPhone XS

  91. Guest-3016393471 says:

    It doesn’t work it says couldn’t download This sucks

  92. Guest-3222170602 says:

    I really like this pack, but I noticed the potions have the whole gui.png rather than just their specific image from it. Everything else is great.

  93. Guest-5821890185 says:

    Hi, how can I change the water colour, the colour of the lights from lava and fire?
    Because I want to change the colour of that lights but I want the torch and other lights stuff remain as default colour.

  94. Jugohugomugo987 says:

    When will RenderDragon release for Xbox?

  95. I love this shader but renderdragon is now available for Windows 10 but you still did’t updated it for Windows 10 so 4 stars is perfect of it. I will make it to 5 when it will be available for Minecraft Windows 10

    • Eldeston says:

      Hey, render dragon is not on mobile yet, I can if it arrived on both devices.

      • Guest-9509826755 says:

        Why do you need Render Dragon on mobile to work on the shader for Windows 10? Do you need Render Dragon on mobile to work with Render Dragon on Windows 10? That sounds ridiculous, the sooner you make ESTN Shaders available for W10, the more players will enjoy this pack.

        • Eldeston says:

          I can’t because I don’t have a laptop and I thought it would be easier if it arrives on both platforms. You have no idea how hard it is to code ONLY with a phone.

          • Guest-5178488831 says:

            Damn, good luck then. I wish I had known…

          • Guest-1021657748 says:

            Holy crap. This shader is the best one of my 5 years of Minecraft, and with a map I got, its amazing. This is the shader I wanted all my life!

  96. Adt0xid says:

    wow why the comments are sooo stopid i mean did they even read the article or what version it’s for , goddd why are the people here stopi

  97. Guest-7994032514 says:

    I’m at bedrock it didn’t work =(

  98. Guest-4063175478 says:

    After the adpocalypse I can’t download the shaders due to an error according to the google chrome downloader (yes, I’m on mobile)

  99. Guest-7760913644 says:

    idk what this renderdragon thing is but it’s now available on windows 10 so if possible please make this shader for Windows 10

  100. Mr Caterson says:

    From eldeston himself: Hey there everyone! I have some good and bad news about the shader. The good news is that it works well on my phone and certain bugs were fixed. The bad news is that there’s A LOT of unsolvable bugs on my phone which took me ages to try and figure out how to fix it, and unfortunately it’s extremely laggy on my phone (I got 9 fps and below). So, I have decided that ESTN Shaders will recieve its final update at 1.6.0b forever. Yes, forever. Another reason why I want to end it is that I want to actually start on making other projects like Minecraft Zombies. Apologies if I may have disappointed you, but I also have some other news. I will planning a completely new shader pack when Render Dragon arrives on mobile and accessible for shader devs like me. This shader pack will re-use some of ESTN’s codes and will be the successor of ESTN Shaders. I will not announce the name yet as it will be kept secret until I decide to reveal it. So please do keep an eye on our next projects once ESTN Shaders receives its final update

  101. TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

    Yeah, yeah, we get it. Eldeston said in the comments that there won’t be any Windows 10/ console version of the shader after 1.16 is released, but, lhhman, you don’t have to be so rude and threating towards Eldeston.

  102. Guest-3582516892 says:

    yeah hes trash nobody make a version for Windows 10!

  103. Guest-1480018732 says:

    Its his Choice Not urs

  104. Guest-8142766607 says:


  105. Guest-7199631589 says:

    I can’t seem to download it from Google Drive.

    • Guest-8177041240 says:

      All you have to do is tap the download symbols in the top right, and it will send you to a media fire link. After, let the pack download, import to mcpe, and your done!

  106. DXTG Josh says:

    This shader pack is great! It works smoothly on my low/medium-end device (3 GB RAM) somehow lol.

    Anywho, I have experienced a bug that annoys me a bit. When I first applied the pack, it worked perfectly. I open MC for the 2nd time and it still works fine but on the 3rd time, the game crashes. I restarted MC but it keeps on doing it. The only solution that worked was deleting the shader pack from the game’s files. And re-downloading it again.
    But on the 2nd/3rd attempt of opening MC after re-downloading, it crashes again.

    I’m using an android device (Oppo A5S, haven’t tried it on any other devices)
    Again, 3gb ram

    I hope you can fix it! Good luck ?.
    Overall, great shaders! Keep up the good work.

    • Guest-3013780463 says:

      You may had put an invalid txture pack on your device. You can delete it by going to games/com.mojang/rescource_packs/.
      A new texture pack you had downloaded may not be suited for your device, hopefully this helps. =)

  107. Guest-3792910784 says:

    Im going to record a Survival Series if this shader pack works for Ipad.
    Nice screenshots tho

  108. Guest-1577613887 says:

    The banners are invisible and the soul torch looks weird. Maybe this only happens on the 1.16 betas or the shader itself. Gotta look into that.

  109. Guest-3080090985 says:

    Am i the only one who read the discription?

  110. TryHardJibs says:

    There may not be an Xbox or Windows 10 release for this shader and it may only work for mobile, but there might be a substitute for this shader made by a different creator after the full release of 1.16.

  111. Guest-7520923143 says:

    I m using beta, and this shader absolut not work!

  112. Guest-8724109716 says:

    I hate that freaking monochromic Feature it stinks dude

  113. Guest-9849797963 says:

    Don’t make it Google drive idiot

  114. Guest-7124930685 says:

    Can you add Parallax Effect ? Effect after rain ? Water pugs ? In 1.4.0 version ?

  115. Eldeston, what can i do to fix the lag on a 1gb ram phone?? It lags a lot for me, I really want to use this shader in MCPE skyblock..

  116. Guest-9536770936 says:

    when is Win 10 version coming 😀

  117. Guest-9450887144 says:

    Not gonna lie, this, by far, is the best shader i have ever used in bedrock and i would love to play with this on at xbox or pc, keep the good work man!

  118. Guest-5719344297 says:

    Editing the presets isn’t doing anything.

  119. Guest-3607206488 says:

    plzplzplzplz when will render dragon arrive? It’s suchhhhh a good shader and I’m on windows 10 ):

  120. Guest-6247741049 says:

    Can you make a media fire link

  121. Guest-7254934141 says:

    Hey, hey… can you make a parallax effect in your shader ?

  122. Guest-9444624051 says:

    Banners are invisible. Other than that, the only thing that’s missing is the different colored fog for the new biomes in the Nether. Great shader.

  123. Hope you see this! Hope that you add a better lighting for lights, i mean can you make the lighting for torches, lanterns, etc a little bit reddish, well i dont know how to edit it hehe… Hope you make an updaate for this in the near future!

  124. Guest-3837502580 says:

    I cant download it i really want to play it on my computer world plssz

  125. Guest-1014711941 says:

    emmm I like this shader but there are some little problems The banner is disappeared And on Chinese edition I saw a shader which unlocked Anti-aliasing feature And that really works If added this feature I think the visual effect will be much better

  126. Guest-4467405843 says:

    how long will it take for you to port it to windows 10 since render dragon is here and i dont have a phone just a pc and these shaders look amazing

  127. Guest-8672752894 says:

    Dear, Creator. Rply pls That cloud reminds me of Minecraft Story Mode cloud.

  128. Guest-8325037294 says:

    Hey man can i ask where’d you get the underwater waves because i wanted to put it in another one of packs that i use beside yours. Obviously this is for personal use.

  129. Guest-3615720221 says:

    Why the water get red after i stay there?

  130. Guest-5313795057 says:

    these shaders are very good, but I think it would look better if it was a little bit darker

  131. Guest-9460082448 says:

    Could you add an option to your shader in which it doesn’t replace the ui and also not another texture and it’s just the shader? I just don’t like deleting textures from your shader

  132. Kurokawa Ryou says:

    Wow, so many comments like “Worst shader ever! It doesn’t work in win 10” that’s the problem of few people here. They will just look at the screenshots then download it without reading the description. It just shows that they dont really care. Because they tought that the descriptions just contains *bla bla stuffs*

  133. Guest-8211516846 says:

    The sunset is so beautiful

  134. Guest-6211853536 says:

    Read the disclaimer before saying stupid things

  135. Guest-4327906394 says:


  136. Guest-8753027999 says:

    not recommended…. not work with win 10…worst shader ever… dont download… it just waste your time

  137. Guest-3975846302 says:

    it’s not RTX but it’s on par with Parallax Shaders

  138. Nice shader! But there’s one problem. You said you won’t be doing a support for windows 10 and xbox until render dragon arrives. Well, render dragon has already arrived a week ago. Are you doing render dragon version of this shader? What time will it take? Will it be compatible with non-rtx graphics cards?

  139. AracelyPinkRose says:

    I still get lagged and they say this shader is for low range, why? I only have 2Gb of Ram, can’t they do something more light? Pls

  140. Guest-8681438968 says:

    dude this looks so vibrant and lively, i wish it was available on win10 edition since thats where i play most of the time

  141. Guest-4943068127 says:

    You broke the shadow pack, first I download your shader, then discovered that manual buildings don’t have shadows, then delete the pack, then the SHADOWS ARE STILL MISSING (I’m mad at the part that you broke the shadow pack, not the shader, I deleted it, and there’s no normal Minecraft shadows anymore)

  142. Guest-9142094063 says:

    fix the link pls

  143. Guest-5577982008 says:

    Why does every thing become invisible???? Pls fixx it

  144. Guest-7476913055 says:

    help pls dropbox broken

  145. Guest-3368848442 says:

    I cant download it in dropbox

  146. Guest-6817652772 says:

    v1.3: the invisible update T_T

  147. Guest-8863644298 says:


  148. Guest-7089214004 says:

    is it for ios

  149. Guest-9881109953 says:

    Link dead

  150. Eldeston says:

    Well do you mind telling me your specs?

  151. Guest-2954092171 says:

    Thank you for giving us freedom on this shader its the best. This shader is almost perfect but i think it will be perfect if give us an option of custom water or normal water and this is my request i hope you add an waving crops and player base shadow thats all thank you for yoir wonderful shader.

  152. Guest-8440457517 says:

    Great shader!

    I guess they are just dancing anvils
    I hate to complain that they are happy anvils

  153. Sushikè says:

    The shader make my banner dissapear idk why

  154. NOVA PLUS says:

    Um Render Dragon came out for beta are you planning to work on it for Win. 10 Edition now?

    • Guest-3330376525 says:

      that’s a stupid and dumb excuse, Jackdeth17. Maybe Eldeston is busy with other stuff (e.g. school work)

        • Guest-5998843393 says:

          Eldeston why is the page saying EROR 404 im using android

        • Guest-8773001982 says:

          So many blocks do a wiggle dance (the movement that plants should do). This is the best shader I’ve ever seen, but it got so bad I had to turn them off. PLEASE! PLEASE FIX THIS! I BEG OF YOU!

        • Guest-8007879615 says:

          Salut je sais que tu auras besoin d’un traducteur pour lire mais moi franchement très honnêtement j’apprécie vraiment ton travail et je trouve dommages que les gens ne le reconnaissent pas non plus mais ton shader est super il est travaillé et il est dynamique en un mot il est génial et je t’encourage dans ton travail car c’est déjà incroyable que tu nous donnes ce Shader gratuitement et que cette communauté n’imagine même pas le travail que ça représente et je te souhaite de réussir dans ton projet

          Cordialement un utilisateur respectueux du travail effectué par votre équipe

  155. Guest-4268565931 says:

    Why do the torches and doors and trapdoors, and others, wave like leaves? I’m not sure if this is intended or not, but if you fix this, it would improve the shader a lot!!! (Also the underwater everything is a *bit* to wavy) All that aside, this is the perfect shader to go with bare bones! Thx for making this and if you fix this, I would be so happy. Take my five stars!

  156. Guest-2389782602 says:


  157. Guest-2607098743 says:

    Does this work on 1.16 and will this work on my phone with kitkat 4.4 and 2gb ram?

  158. Guest-3328930483 says:

    Can you change the water texture but very good shader

  159. Guest-4275345181 says:

    Can you use mediafire?I can’t get to dropbox.

  160. Guest-3774719070 says:

    help i made a shader but when i try to import it into mcpe the import complete sign dosent appear help please thank you

  161. Guest-5189961314 says:

    just a heads up lot of the light sources have really short range… except for you know… the sun

  162. Guest-5178175549 says:

    when theres a thunderstorm you cant see the lightning

  163. Guest-2069019594 says:

    For some reason none of the download links go anywhere.

  164. Guest-6617487434 says:

    Does this work on Xbox One, in 1.16 beta?

  165. Guest-8233898828 says:

    Can you make this support 1.16 beta cause i really want to use it also awesome shader!.

  166. AshishX says:

    Really Cool Shader and I am on iPadOS and everything works the way it should be and I love it! Good job on the shader

    For people who need help on iOS downloading it:

    Install Documents by Readlle on the App Store
    Then go to safari and install this shader
    Then press share and press Documents
    Lastly Press Open in other app and press Minecraft

  167. Guest-4903362167 says:

    Too much fogs

  168. veseliy_malen says:

    Please make it work on Windows 10

  169. Guest-2321229527 says:

    For some reason, I can’t get it to work on my phone. I have an iPhone XR and whenever I put the shader on, the loading screen works but the world becomes invisible. If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me the pack looks like it would be amazing but it won’t work.

  170. Guest-8830930853 says:

    please help im on IOS and everything is invisible

  171. Guest-1956747329 says:

    Im pretty sure this is good but when I put the Pack inside the resource thing and go in a world everything is invisible, what do I do?

  172. Guest-7443431694 says:

    Hey, i´m an iphone 11 user, playing the last minecraft version, i just installed the pack, but it shows me an error, i really dont know why, i tried putting the archive directly in the resource pack folder, but when i activate it in my game, it doesnt show any blocks, its like im flying, could you help me to fix it?

  173. Guest-3739252526 says:

    Your shader is so awesome! The people who give bad ratings just because they dont understand how the links work or they cant run it are so annoying :/
    2 years ago i made a mod for the Java Edition which has a much bigger community, which only worked with a library mod. After two weeks the library mod got discontinued, and one week after the discontinuation a new MC Version was released. I updated my mod but the library mod didnt, so i moved from Forge to LiteLoader. It worked, but the ones who were ising Forge got angry and made me responsible for the library being discontinued, but i didn’t even know the author. I told them but they acted like i were their slave or something like that and wanted me to re-make the library mod for the new version. Then i saw a comment asking for a port to console edition…
    I got so crazy!
    I deleted the mod files from the page and wrote “Discontinued because of the community”
    I made a mistake. My wish was to create a mod which fits everybodies needs so i tried to react on every comment. Its hard to make it executable for everyone. The people also dont understand that we (developers) need the money. They think we want to be rich and have enough money. The community is… well, what many anonymous people are like. They dont care about what they do, or what they say. This is not easy to handle, so….
    Can i support you somehow?

  174. Guest-8650243792 says:

    WAIT never mined it work thx man!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  175. Guest-3650222276 says:

    The drop box wont work it says invalid download 🙁

  176. Guest-2322527045 says:

    Love this shader! The only shader MCPE needs! I really like the emulated POM & PBR!! This shader is High Quality but works on low-end devices even with experimental Features =D

    Well done!
    Keep up the good Work!

    How can i support you? I really want to because this shader is so awesome =D =D

  177. Guest-4643894182 says:

    Well it doesn’t cares what YOU need, other people want it too. They are many. And the developer still has to develop this without buying something really expensive just to fit other peoples wishs!

  178. Guest-4726973460 says:

    There’s no reason for being that toxic. The creator has nothing to do with your specs.

    If you would start a shader project the first thing is to ensure the shader runs on your device (for development) and on as many as possible other devices. If some device can’t run it, it’s not your fault, because other people want the shader too, and you have to develop it.

    Think about that and stop insulting before thinking.

    Anyways, have a nice day!

  179. Guest-6740919696 says:

    Please make this for Java Edition! My Bare Bones + ESTN looks much better than my Bare Bones Texture Pack with BSL or SEUS. I also tried Sildurs (Extreme/Volumetric Lightning), Chocapic, Vanilla Plus, Continuum and KUDA but ESTN beats them all!

    Anyways, the Java community is much bigger and you will become much more important, and if you create a Patreon Site you can earn Money from your work!

    Please make this for Java!

    • Guest-5402902281 says:

      I totally agree! There is no good shader for simple Textures except yours! I play Bedrock more often just because of the shaders!

      Well done! Keep up the good work!

    • Eldeston says:

      ……..but this is Bedrock, and why the heck would anyone want to import my shader to Java? You can’t simply do that dude. Use your head.

      • Guest-1550356378 says:

        There are no remakes of ESTN for Java yet. Thats what i mean. For example, take SEUS PE. It is impossible to port the code directly, but someone wrote a BE shader that has a feel like SEUS Legacy. Not the code is important, the result is. Else you couldn’t make programs run faster by optimizing the code. Optimizing means making it work more efficient. That means rewriting some parts of the code. I’ve often seen “Full Rewrite” in Changelogs. What i want you to do is a “Full Rewrite” compatible with Java. OptiFine makes it not only easier and faster to use shaders, its also easier to code them.

        • Eldeston says:

          No, it doesn’t work that way, SEUS Shaders on Mcpe is just using a completely different code than the original SEUS in Java. It’s just plain stupid and naive to port shaders to Java since they both have completely different rendering engines.

          • Guest-7958457986 says:

            I’m on iOS. I download the shader. I go to my files. It takes me to Minecraft, then starts importing. But then it shows me an error. Why? Someone help me it’s triggering.

  180. Guest-8994285386 says:


  181. superbibblebro says:

    My phone is kind of low end. It use to run smoothly on my phone, but in the new update it lags a lot! I think it might be because of the new water render or something like that. Could you release a separate version without the new water/features that could possibly cause lag for low end devices? Thanks, this is a great shader.

  182. Guest-6437705191 says:

    Stupid question
    Is support for the Snapdragon chipset coming soon?

  183. SuperDerpyDolphin says:

    Very nice ?

  184. Guest-3371501541 says:

    Yo, this shader is good. Amazing. Just a quick question. Hoe do you get the experimental sun beams to work, or is that stated in the video showcasing how to edit the presets?

  185. Guest-5997149963 says:

    Does this shader work on 1.16 beta

  186. Guest-6309053090 says:

    I have a problem I hope you can help me, what happens is that I download it and install it correctly, I activate it in the general configuration and in the world configuration, the loading screen comes out the one with the shaders the problem is that when I enter the world nothing changes the textures remains the same. I hope you can help me I’m on windows 10

  187. Guest-4038661550 says:

    The link took me to an adult website, and this is not okay, all I wanted was to get a shaders pack, not watch inappropriate things

  188. Jeckdeth17 says:

    Can you make this shader for windows 10 edition, please?
    This shader looks realistic good but I give you a grade of 100/100 which = 100%

  189. Guest-4318548255 says:

    It doesnt work on realme 5 pro
    -Qualcomm SDM712 Octa core
    -8gb ram

  190. Guest-5685246065 says:

    I love the creativity you’ve given us in this shaders pack. Thank you for allowing us to edit the presets.

    -Aidan Bau

  191. Eldeston says:

    Please, read the description properly before making a review. I’m seeing multiple people asking “Does it work for Win10?” although I mentioned in the description that it does NOT work on Win10 or on console versions of Minecraft. I do not like people giving a bad rating just because it didn’t meet their requirements. If you don’t like this shader, get off and find one that suits you.

  192. IkhwanPlaysMC says:

    I love the shaders.But how do i edit the presets for the redstone torch,I don’t find it in the presets.

  193. Guest-7610377810 says:

    This is also a great shader, creator. Maybe you could use this as a base or reference? Or maybe work with them not trying to be rude by the way!

  194. Eldeston says:

    ……..Well that’s not nice.

  195. Guest-5209517233 says:

    How to have beams? Although I enabled it, it didnt worked

  196. Guest-6990698030 says:

    No me anda en window 10 mcpe 1.14.30, es normal o me equivoco?

  197. Guest-4913103661 says:

    I do like the shader but there are too many waving items like torch, trapdoor, etc and also when i place a bamboo, the texture is not even a bamboo. Hope you fix it soon (sorry for my grammar)

  198. Guest-1387110972 says:

    Why can people not use Media Fire Links

  199. Guest-7219001124 says:

    sun rays not working for me

  200. Guest-3956626351 says:

    Awesome Shader love the water and cloud’s and the sun it works fine no problem no crashes it works fine!


  201. Guest-2388911312 says:

    I get a Blank Screen when I load into a world. Is there any advice as to how I can fix this? I had trouble with a lot of Shaders, and they all had this problem. I hope we can keep in touch, since this is such a nice looking Shader, from what I can see.

  202. Guest-1584553755 says:

    Render dragon is on xbox so will you make it work for render dragon or are you waiting for win10? I just would like to know because the xbox community has been waiting for a shader from 1.12 and it would be nice to know if you are waiting for win10.

  203. Guest-2548054857 says:

    This is a great way to get texture packs

  204. Guest-7510782264 says:

    Wow! What a very ultra nice shader! This is the my most favorite shader through years playing lf Minecraft made by simplicity! And for High or Low end devices! I also love the enhanced vibrant color of the textures! So keep it up!

    I also recommend to make Chrono effect on wet blocks when raining but not under the cave or in inside the house. And improve the water or make it default. That’s all! sorry for my English, I really love yourr shader! God Bless! <3

  205. Guest-5184858868 says:

    the doors and torches move like the plants!!

  206. Guest-3904372070 says:

    I really need a shader but I don’t wan’t to downgrade from the 1.16 Beta. Could you please update the pack to work properly on the latest Beta?

  207. Guest-9906829559 says:

    I cannot find the preset since it came in a .mcpack file.

  208. Guest-5933993517 says:

    i wish is come for pc shortly

  209. EON says:

    For gosh sakes make a normal download link its nearly impossible for me to download it. Use something like media fire and don’t link it to ad spam sites.

  210. Guest-5329555675 says:

    There is a weird glitch when you go in the water, while you have a texture pack that changes the UI above the shaders, my device is an galaxy note 8(android 9) the texture pack i used on top of the shaders is Bedrocktimize, you can find it on mcpedl

  211. Guest-1900039638 says:

    “Operation not permitted:
    This file could not be moved (into minecraft.)”
    Sorry, but my iPad says that. I would love it if you did a >direct, Google Drive< download, because it doesn't work for me. Please fix this error by turning it into a direct google drive download. I'm kinda sad I cant download it. :/

  212. Guest-2310771615 says:


  213. Guest-3823979410 says:

    Super awesome! I personally hate realistic looking sky textures so this is great.

  214. Guest-3065331376 says:

    Love it!

  215. Guest-1716798826 says:

    It makes every thing blue in my game and I can’t see anything because it’s just blue. please fix

  216. Eldeston says:

    Another download link should arrive soon….

  217. Guest-4107825985 says:

    You’re definitely one of those terrible reviewers alright.

    Also, great pack!

  218. Eldeston says:

    That’s the most terrible and utterly sick review you have given me.

  219. PikachuOfPower says:

    Can you please send me a link with the experimental stuff? Cuz I’m having a hard time editing it 🙁

  220. Guest-7147536577 says:


  221. Roxtro says:

    With my sound pack (which I’m working on, I’ll post it on MCPEDL later) the combination of the two packs is perfect for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition! 😀

  222. Guest-1092246888 says:

    … and alsoI remove the moving plants and water… thank you. I love you… I missed you… I… you…

  223. Guest-9796175969 says:

    Please make another Shaders like this. I like the textures, but can you please remove the sun and moon textures and name it estn lite shaders? I hope you understand my grammar.

  224. Roxtro says:

    MY FAVORITE SHADERS FOR ANDROID IS OFFICIALLY !! YEES!! THIS IS THE BEST PACKAGE FOR MINECRAFT MOBILES! They did a great job on these Shaders, in my opinion this is the best shader for Minecraft Bedrock Mobile, the shadows, the movement of the leaves, (especially when it rains it does not move too much, compared to other shaders) This, community of Minecraft Bedrock Edition Mobile, This is a job that gave a lot of effort and paid off! Congratulations, we look forward to the bug fixes being fixed soon ?

    This is personal, but I would like you to add an option to change the sky background from light blue to normal, since cubemaps do not work with this shader, so I was wondering if you could make an OPTION to change the sky color I am not saying that you remove it, because Minecraft is very beautiful, I was just wondering if you think you could add that option, I would really appreciate it. ?

  225. Roxtro says:

    MI SHADERS FAVORITO PARA ANDROID ESTAYA OFICIALMENTE!! SIII!! ESTE ES EL MEJOR PAQUETE PARA MINECRAFT MÓVILES! Hicieron un gran trabajo en estos Shaders, a mi parecer este es el mejor shader para Minecraft Bedrock Móvil, las sombras, el movimiento de las hojas, (en especial cuando llueve no se mueve demasiado, a comparación de otros shaders) Esto, comunidad de Minecraft Bedrock Edition Móviles, Esto es un trabajo que dio mucho esfuerzo y dio sus mejores frutos! Muchas felicidades, esperamos con ansias que pronto se arreglen los errores registrados 🙂

    Pos data:
    Esto ya es personal, pero me gustaría que pudieses añadir un opción para cambiar el fondo del cielo del azul claro al normal, ya que no funcionan los cubemap con este shader, por eso me preguntaba si podías hacer una OPCIÓN de cambiar el color del cielo, no digo que lo quites, porque esta muy bello así el Minecraft, solamente me preguntaba si crees que lo podrías añadir esa opción, te lo agradecería mucho. 🙂

  226. Roxtro says:


  227. Guest-2159994713 says:

    Cool shader dude,my phone cant run it but i can see a great future for your upcoming projects,keep up the good work dude

    and maybe later,youll make a version of this for lower devices like my phone XD

  228. Guest-5688368094 says:

    Much better you put “inspired by ultramax”

  229. Guest-2151089826 says:

    Best shader of all time!!

  230. kadvaru says:

    gorgeous shader, it makes mc look so vibrant

  231. UlisesQ says:

    undoubtedly the best shaders for bedrock only that the design of the water does not wad me much it would be better if they put a simpler one

  232. Guest-4830326090 says:

    The new shadows, clouds and fog are so beautiful. However, I hate the boundaries that arise in new water. Then the plant wave, which is too flashy and no longer looks like a wave, just looks “moving”. Remember, the shadows and sky are really beautiful and make me enjoy myself. Looking forward to the future of your project.

  233. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    Really nice, but it’s only a matter of time before render dragon comes to phones. And from the looks of it, it seems it is now impossible for shaders post render dragon. These shaders are magnificent and represent the bare bones renders really well though.

  234. Guest-3067721542 says:

    I am on iOS 13.1 and when I load a game everything is invisible

  235. Guest-6829248992 says:

    Hey! I’ve been using this pack for a bit and I really like this update, the new clouds and water effect are great but the trapdoors, doors, lanterns, torches, and levers are all moving like foliage. Sorry if you already know about this I just wanted to make sure, I hope it’s fixable because it’ll be perfect after that, thanks!

  236. Jeckdeth17 says:


  237. Guest-9541688024 says:

    Can You Please Make This For W10 ?

  238. Guest-8892200000 says:

    Why are all partial blocks moving?

  239. Guest-8084664884 says:

    Can’t download.

  240. Guest-5770551477 says:

    I must say this is a great shader pack!

  241. Guest-7175796981 says:

    The HUD looks Bad…Can you change the Title and the HUD back Thank You!

  242. Guest-9693945521 says:

    Does it work on xbox?

  243. Guest-5141864956 says:

    Nice it work well with paper cut resources pack

  244. Guest-3830180053 says:

    This is just a nice …and well created shader…but … Can I turn off the waving plants and leaves ? Cus its making me very laggy ..please reply pleeeaaase!!

  245. Guest-7862820295 says:

    i love it! the sunset and sunrise is just epic! just one small problem, the leaves and the plants are laggy when i look at them. so i turned off fancy graphics for now. hopefully you can fix the performance

  246. NOVA PLUS says:

    Instead of waiting for render dragon for making a windows 10 version can’t you already convert it to HLS because I can’t find any converter that allows me to do it

  247. Can’t you just put it in the title? That way it’d be much easier to read

  248. Guest-8617974282 says:

    very Nice shader??

  249. Guest-9406513654 says:

    I like the way this is being explained in detail for us users to know what to expect. It just shows how the creator has given his heart in this project. Looking forward for more from and even looking forward to try the creator’s very first app ?.

  250. Guest-8292919082 says:

    This is the excellent! I love that the Manifest.json and icon image for the pack is already there & the saturation is editable in presets! Great Job mr nice guy aka eldeston!

  251. Guest-2692088467 says:

    I love these shaders and combined with bare bones, its perfect. My only complaint is that the torches don’t seem bright enough as caves can be extremely dark and I wish the water was as transparent while swimming in it as it seemed from the outside. If those things were changed or fixed, I would be very thankful and happy. I’ll still use these shaders but might switch them out when I’m mining.

  252. Guest-9437369854 says:

    Doesn’t work. Everything’s invisible and you can only see the sky. Don’t waste your time.

  253. Guest-9437369854 says:

    Doesn’t work. Everything’s invisible and you can only see the sky. Don’t waste your time.

  254. The Water In Cauldrons is broken. There are gaps around the water

  255. Guest-1102658775 says:

    Hey, I got a problem. The shaders dont work for me. I did everything correct but its just not working :/

  256. Guest-2931348891 says:

    The shader is beautiful, but there is a problem. The doors, trapdoors and lanterns wobble even I am not in water.

  257. Guest-2091085319 says:

    oh ja so besta ya, you know JoJo shaders is better ja. kekekekekekekekekekeke

    – 100% not Eldeston’s brother.

  258. Guest-7563300042 says:

    Me: *tries to download* Website: *spams random websites and pop ups*

  259. Guest-7338978667 says:

    imo this is one of the best looking shaders on bedrock that i’ve seen. too bad it’s not on pc.

  260. Qkie says:

    Hey dude. This shader is awesome, just like what i want. I cant wait for another updates 😀

    Im Qky in discord 😀

  261. User-6347124537 says:

    need some help whenever i clicked the link there’s no download link popping up which is confusing bc i followed every steps it says on the page but still no link popping up lmao.

  262. User-4894872117 says:

    When I click the link Minecraft just says download failed.
    Please help.

  263. User-8575065711 says:

    is it okay to make a mediafire link because it says no preview available

  264. User-9885391010 says:

    The shader pack is amazing! I am unable to mess with code since I’m on IPhone, but I can stick with it. Took a minuet to get the download code, but I did it! Surprised how people are when asking questions that are obvious XD

  265. User-8158493086 says:

    One of the best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock! Tired with messing the codes in the shaders tho

  266. Noobzs says:

    how I remove the waving water and waving plants
    also how i remove shadows i don’t know how to code
    also good shaders

  267. User-6344522660 says:


  268. BlackDiamond994 says:

    looks good on pc but was wondering if xbox players can see it

  269. Da T boi says:

    hey I can’t get to the site, can someone reply the URL to the mediafire?

  270. Tobi says:

    the file was supposed to be a mcpack, but it was an apk. Did you want to install a virus on my device?

  271. Luis says:

    It is very good, but when I use it, everything goes black except the sky. How can I fix that?

  272. This is dope ngl. This shader may even be compared to ESBE 😀
    Keep up the work mate, this is freaking cool.

  273. oof 190 official says:

    great shader. the only thing i want is use it in the 1.12 because i play on that version

  274. Lix' says:

    What’s with the so many “please”s in the comments Lol it works fine for me tho

  275. SixCrayfish8977 says:

    It doesn’t give me a .mcpack when I try to download it, please post a media fire link.

  276. Jairox says:

    Es un buen shader hombre, de los mejores que e visto, aunque me parece que hay un desequilibrio en la iluminación puesto que las cuevas son demasiado oscuras y la noche demasiado clara, intentaré hacer una edición para mí, ¡muchas gracias por tu trabajo!
    ¿Habrá problema si lo comparto en un grupo?

  277. Boi says:

    Please just use a MediaFire link… Both of the current links are packed with 18+ stuff and countless viruses that mimic the actual file by calling the virus a .mcpack when it is a .exe file… Shaders look good though

    • RayJairox says:

      Es un buen sombreador, de los mejore que e visto, aunque me parece que hay un desbalance en la iluminación puesto que las cuevas son demasiado oscuras y la noche demasiado clara, intentaré hacer un edit para mí, ¡muchas gracias por tu trabajo!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sire, it is avoidable if you’re smart enough. If I use a direct link without shorteners, it will make my work useless and unbeneficial. So please if you need the pack, just go through the ads.

  278. Neo Xoan says:

    can I review this on my channel?

  279. charlie says:

    so I’m just coping this for my presentation

  280. iMCPH says:

    Finally the manifest error has been fixed. Great Shaders, I keep on eye to this shaders.

  281. Luis Maldonado. says:

    I Want to say that this Shader Is Amazing and i want yo thank you for the Fantastic work you did yo make this.

    This Shader runs soooo smoth on muy phone even though Is a Low end phone.

    What you ser on the pictures it’s what you get i am verry pleased.

  282. I love that you went into detail some of the stuff that went into making it!

  283. heavnlybucky says:

    nvm i just read the updated description lol

  284. heavnlybucky says:

    i know it doesn’t work for win10 edition as of now but do you guys think you’ll work on it? a genuine question

  285. fu77y says:

    Somewhat odd question, do I have to delete and redownload for any fixes to take place or is it like internet based ;-; btw I my device (Moto Z force 2) is having the weird shadow render issue where it’s just an outline in some places. Just curious cuz I love the way it looks but it ruins the magic of it when that happens

  286. Xbox player says:

    Wait, console has render dragon, right?
    Will it work on xbox?

  287. Dillon Smith says:

    It doesn’t work at all the ads won’t let you though. No the other link doesn’t work.

  288. Bruno Skrzeckowski says:

    Hello, I loved this shaders! but could you tell me what is the texture package of the second image? Those woods interest me a lot. Thankful 😀

  289. Ben says:

    Does it work on beta 1.14+?

  290. Le Bap’s Show says:

    I love the sharders but why the traps doors torches and other blocs move pls

  291. Rocky_Neb . says:

    any idea when this will be woking on win 10

  292. Noooble says:

    Too much ad, then the 10 seconds is not even working so I’m stuck.

  293. PandaChan says:

    I like when everyone “it doesn’t work at windows 10 and Xbox how can I fix it”
    It just shows that they don’t read the description XD…

  294. Anonymous says:

    How to access the presets ?

  295. Nocky says:

    Does it works with beta versions?

  296. codename-AFK says:

    it does not work at public version as well it makes all the blocks invisible

  297. Anonymous says:

    Any chance for yellow/orange color for lighting?

  298. Shean says:

    How can i download this?

  299. deinemudaa says:

    pls make it for pc

  300. Jeann says:

    How do I remove shadows from blocks, trees?

  301. Rigor kai says:

    I doesn’t work with xbox nor windows so I cant really use it anyways seems cool.

  302. NickPham says:

    Its completly invisible (also im using an iphone 7+)

  303. alust says:

    wow men i starting to love your shader.
    i like the underwater view is nice.
    just the night is almost like the day well i mean
    i like play survival and i don’t like play easy. so the night have to be night.
    the water distance view still need to be fixed
    i love the rain view .
    but shadows of tree when is raining is weird xd
    night view is wonderful
    nether view amazing!

    keep up men you doing a great shader

  304. Red says:

    The best dhader tbh

  305. davidZHANG2671 says:

    hmm,it doesnt work for win10 beezupdate
    how can i fix it

  306. George says:

    Serious question but will this work with windows 10 edition?

  307. John says:

    The property ‘/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.

  308. codename-AFK says:

    is this good for the beta or just the public version only?

  309. My name is no name says:

    Please disable the waving trees and water it looks so much better without it !

  310. Marcelo says:

    ¡AYUDA POR FAVOR! La propiedad ‘/header/min_engine_version’ debe tener definido un valor inferior a ‘1.13.0’. Para usar una version superior, tienes que utilizar la version del formato 2.

  311. Vexed says:

    Upon joining with this pack either all blocks save for entities & non-blocks are invisible, or the game looks like the default Minecraft textures with no outside resource packs installed, it does look like a beautiful pack from the pictures though, sadly I cannot seem to get it to work..

  312. Lomasi says:

    I can’t use this because of shrink me. please remove it I’m begging you at least use adfly because chrome can’t get past shrink me. ):

  313. Troy says:

    I tried this on Xbox, and it didn’t work. The only difference was the sun, and the outline was white when you look at a block. Think you could make it work on Xbox? We got no shaders over here. It would be nice to have something.

  314. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the Manifest.json and icon image for the pack

  315. Anonymous says:

    mediafire link please,dont use dropbox i cant download it…

  316. Ultranety says:

    Finally a shader that doesn’t replace the clouds, I have been wanting this for ages

  317. americamx says:

    Please make it work for Windows 10, we get horrible shaders.

  318. HM Rahee says:

    Nice pack I loved it. Can you teach me shader code modification for personal usage?

  319. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to work on windows 10 edition in the future?

  320. John says:

    I load it and nothing hsppens, i cant see anything, help?

  321. Marn says:

    man this is epic

  322. Kriss says:

    this dropbox iso is full of malware.

  323. sam doesn't like cash grabs says:

    chrome is refusing to accept my download, after thousands of adverts. you money hungry pig.

  324. Dark Cena says:

    Gorgeous texture pack thats more saturated by ESBE, but please change the link to mediafire the current one is known to distribute malware

  325. xbox player says:

    *suffers in xbox*

  326. Icytheminer77 says:

    This is copying ultramax shader

  327. Jelly says:

    I like this one a lot but it’s just a little too bright for me, could you maybe make a version with lowered saturation? Thanks

  328. thetrueminecrafter says:

    Wow in impressed…i never saw a shader so perfect and so beatiful for all mobile devices…

  329. Bedrock or no? says:

    Does this work on bedrock? I thought render dragon was a thing… Bedrock or no?

  330. Eldeston says:

    ATTENTION: This pack only works on mobile versions of Minecraft, sorry for any inconveniences

  331. black_agent says:

    Hey nice dude, your shader just like my friend shader. But, your’s more better

  332. Furretkawaii says:

    I really love it i definitely not a beta tester that has test and help the shaders improve

    • Guest-2671270590 says:

      I would like to present your shader on my upcoming YouTube video “5 Shaders for MCPE 1.14”. I will put the license and the link to this shader on my description

  333. Anonymous says:

    Is this xbox friendly?

  334. ฅ^•ε•^ฅ says:

    This is a great texture pack! Works flawlessly on bedrock edition! Perfect for survival, builds, minigames and so much more! Definitely recommend downloading this pack!

  335. James says:

    is this compatible for win10?

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