ESTN Shaders Official Release

   This pack was inspired by the SDGP which was later, canceled. So I decided to try to replicate it somehow through textures and shaders, but soon it came to its own style. But of course I still want to continue trying to replicate the pack, currently, I don’t have enough time to try to replicate the textures, but you can help replicate the pack by joining me on Discord. The more people contributing this pack, the faster it’ll be finished. Link will be found at the bottom of the page. To access the textures, just toggle the texture settings. A detailed instruction will be inside the pack.

   ESTN Shaders is made to make the colors of your surroundings beautiful and vibrant. It changes the color of the sky, the tint of the clouds, and the color of the fog. This also makes the waters and leaves wave realistically and elegantly. In summarize, it just makes the Minecraft game enhanced while keeping its Minecraft style. Presented to you by FlameRender Studios.



   This pack includes an information section to provide more information about this pack. This is to, well, remind people:


   This pack only works on mobile, I will work on a Win10 version once Render Dragon arrives both in mobile and pc editions of Minecraft. So please, I’m begging you to stop giving me bad ratings just because it doesn’t work on other platforms.


-Shadows! (still buggy due to it being texture-dependent, I recommend to turn off FOLIAGE_SHADOWS if you’re using a custom texture pack with this shader)

-Animated water and leaves (watch it in-game)

-Animated underwater effects (only if you’re underwater)

-Rain mono effect, inspired by Ultramax Shader (this will not affect entities, underground areas, and underwater)

-Smart optimization (the shader should adjust to the device’s performance from low-end to high-end and try its best to render without lag)

-Full sky render and tinted clouds (technically it’s not full because it only manipulated the cubemap and terrain fog to look like it covered the entire sky, disable if you want to use another cubemap)

-Better beacon render (day/night)

   Other features like editing the pack presets can be editable to either change your experience or adjust it to a certain texture pack you want to use. More information will be provided in the License and Information.docx which is located inside the pack.


   Because of the behavior of the smart optimization system, some devices were unable to render the shaders without error. If you have experienced this, please contact me.


   A better tutorial on how to edit this will be made in a form of a video or a document, most users seem to be confused on how to edit the pack. For now, we’ll present you this short tutorial with Bare Bones by RobotPantaloons (big thanks to him).


   In order to edit the insides of this pack, you might need a file editor like Quickedit, which is available on PlayStore. iOS users might not be able to edit it so I recommend using a computer then import it somehow to your iOS device.

Since the pack has its own foliage color and we might get odd shadow render (like I said, it’s texture-dependent), we’ll set the foliage shadows off:



   We also want it to look more like the promo art, so we’ll take reference of RobotPantaloons‘ promo art render.

Image made by RobotPantaloons

   Luckily, the clouds are already tinted in blue, the skies fit just right, and the tone is kinda right. So all we need to do is make our custom fog terrain color. To do that we will disable SKY_FOG and define our fog color. If you don’t exactly know how it works, read this article:


// define SKY_FOG

// Change terrain fog color here only if SKY_FOG is not defined

vec4 fd_color = vec4(0.0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.0); // Day

vec4 fn_color = vec4(0.0, 0.4, 0.8, 1.0); // Night

vec4 fs_color = vec4(0.4, 0.0, 1.2, 1.0); // Sunset and sunrise

   You can do many things just by editing the presets, like brightness of the shadows and highlights, where SV is the shadow value, and HV is the highlight value:

   You can share your presets as well at our Discord server, we make some too. Join us here to see what else we’re developing!:


   This pack is under the MIT License, info about this license will be found at Here’s a simpler version (it’s still recommended to read the full one):

   This pack also contains a fair use license for a subcomponent I borrowed from Genghar for calculating world data which is used for rendering animations, check out his shader Ultramax too!:


   To people who keeps complaining about the shaders, please stop, this is the shader’s style, if you want to change it please read the instructions on how to edit the presets. If you’re complaining about the first link that doesn’t seem to work, try other alternative that’s already provided. You guys are asking pretty dumb questions even though the answer is right on the description. Big shout out to this guy, at least he/she can understand me.


   You can keep in touch with me on my Discord server, Reddit and other medias I happen to use:

Reddit: u/Eldeston

Discord Server:

Gmail: [email protected]

YouTube Channel:

Changelog View more

-Fixed some parts of the upload description

-Added the trailer link in the description

-Fixed manifest error

-Tone adjustments

-Optimization adjustments

-Fixed weird panorama

-Updated description

-Added a new download link (in case the other fails)


1. Click on the link (use internet apps with the multi-tab feature)

2. Tick I'm not a robot. (if you clicked the first link, the other link doesn't use this process)

3. Close all ads and click continue (it'll spam a buch of em' but it's avoidable, trust me)

4. Download the .mcpack in the dropbox site.

5. Import and activate pack.


Supported Minecraft versions




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140 Responses

4 / 5 (53 votes)
  1. The Water In Cauldrons is broken. There are gaps around the water

  2. Guest-1102658775 says:

    Hey, I got a problem. The shaders dont work for me. I did everything correct but its just not working :/

  3. Guest-2931348891 says:

    The shader is beautiful, but there is a problem. The doors, trapdoors and lanterns wobble even I am not in water.

  4. Guest-2091085319 says:

    oh ja so besta ya, you know JoJo shaders is better ja. kekekekekekekekekekeke

    – 100% not Eldeston’s brother.

  5. Guest-7563300042 says:

    Me: *tries to download* Website: *spams random websites and pop ups*

  6. Guest-7338978667 says:

    imo this is one of the best looking shaders on bedrock that i’ve seen. too bad it’s not on pc.

  7. Qkie says:

    Hey dude. This shader is awesome, just like what i want. I cant wait for another updates 😀

    Im Qky in discord 😀

  8. User-6347124537 says:

    need some help whenever i clicked the link there’s no download link popping up which is confusing bc i followed every steps it says on the page but still no link popping up lmao.

  9. User-4894872117 says:

    When I click the link Minecraft just says download failed.
    Please help.

  10. User-8575065711 says:

    is it okay to make a mediafire link because it says no preview available

  11. User-9885391010 says:

    The shader pack is amazing! I am unable to mess with code since I’m on IPhone, but I can stick with it. Took a minuet to get the download code, but I did it! Surprised how people are when asking questions that are obvious XD

  12. User-8158493086 says:

    One of the best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock! Tired with messing the codes in the shaders tho

  13. Noobzs says:

    how I remove the waving water and waving plants
    also how i remove shadows i don’t know how to code
    also good shaders

  14. User-6344522660 says:


  15. BlackDiamond994 says:

    looks good on pc but was wondering if xbox players can see it

  16. Da T boi says:

    hey I can’t get to the site, can someone reply the URL to the mediafire?

  17. Tobi says:

    the file was supposed to be a mcpack, but it was an apk. Did you want to install a virus on my device?

  18. Luis says:

    It is very good, but when I use it, everything goes black except the sky. How can I fix that?

  19. This is dope ngl. This shader may even be compared to ESBE 😀
    Keep up the work mate, this is freaking cool.

  20. oof 190 official says:

    great shader. the only thing i want is use it in the 1.12 because i play on that version

  21. Lix' says:

    What’s with the so many “please”s in the comments Lol it works fine for me tho

  22. SixCrayfish8977 says:

    It doesn’t give me a .mcpack when I try to download it, please post a media fire link.

  23. Jairox says:

    Es un buen shader hombre, de los mejores que e visto, aunque me parece que hay un desequilibrio en la iluminación puesto que las cuevas son demasiado oscuras y la noche demasiado clara, intentaré hacer una edición para mí, ¡muchas gracias por tu trabajo!
    ¿Habrá problema si lo comparto en un grupo?

  24. Boi says:

    Please just use a MediaFire link… Both of the current links are packed with 18+ stuff and countless viruses that mimic the actual file by calling the virus a .mcpack when it is a .exe file… Shaders look good though

    • RayJairox says:

      Es un buen sombreador, de los mejore que e visto, aunque me parece que hay un desbalance en la iluminación puesto que las cuevas son demasiado oscuras y la noche demasiado clara, intentaré hacer un edit para mí, ¡muchas gracias por tu trabajo!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sire, it is avoidable if you’re smart enough. If I use a direct link without shorteners, it will make my work useless and unbeneficial. So please if you need the pack, just go through the ads.

  25. Neo Xoan says:

    can I review this on my channel?

  26. charlie says:

    so I’m just coping this for my presentation

  27. iMCPH says:

    Finally the manifest error has been fixed. Great Shaders, I keep on eye to this shaders.

  28. Luis Maldonado. says:

    I Want to say that this Shader Is Amazing and i want yo thank you for the Fantastic work you did yo make this.

    This Shader runs soooo smoth on muy phone even though Is a Low end phone.

    What you ser on the pictures it’s what you get i am verry pleased.

  29. TheFlameGuy says:

    I love that you went into detail some of the stuff that went into making it!

  30. heavnlybucky says:

    nvm i just read the updated description lol

  31. heavnlybucky says:

    i know it doesn’t work for win10 edition as of now but do you guys think you’ll work on it? a genuine question

  32. fu77y says:

    Somewhat odd question, do I have to delete and redownload for any fixes to take place or is it like internet based ;-; btw I my device (Moto Z force 2) is having the weird shadow render issue where it’s just an outline in some places. Just curious cuz I love the way it looks but it ruins the magic of it when that happens

  33. Xbox player says:

    Wait, console has render dragon, right?
    Will it work on xbox?

  34. Dillon Smith says:

    It doesn’t work at all the ads won’t let you though. No the other link doesn’t work.

  35. Bruno Skrzeckowski says:

    Hello, I loved this shaders! but could you tell me what is the texture package of the second image? Those woods interest me a lot. Thankful 😀

  36. Ben says:

    Does it work on beta 1.14+?

  37. Le Bap’s Show says:

    I love the sharders but why the traps doors torches and other blocs move pls

  38. Rocky_Neb . says:

    any idea when this will be woking on win 10

  39. Noooble says:

    Too much ad, then the 10 seconds is not even working so I’m stuck.

  40. PandaChan says:

    I like when everyone “it doesn’t work at windows 10 and Xbox how can I fix it”
    It just shows that they don’t read the description XD…

  41. Anonymous says:

    How to access the presets ?

  42. Nocky says:

    Does it works with beta versions?

  43. codename-AFK says:

    it does not work at public version as well it makes all the blocks invisible

  44. Anonymous says:

    Any chance for yellow/orange color for lighting?

  45. Shean says:

    How can i download this?

  46. deinemudaa says:

    pls make it for pc

  47. Jeann says:

    How do I remove shadows from blocks, trees?

  48. Rigor kai says:

    I doesn’t work with xbox nor windows so I cant really use it anyways seems cool.

  49. NickPham says:

    Its completly invisible (also im using an iphone 7+)

  50. alust says:

    wow men i starting to love your shader.
    i like the underwater view is nice.
    just the night is almost like the day well i mean
    i like play survival and i don’t like play easy. so the night have to be night.
    the water distance view still need to be fixed
    i love the rain view .
    but shadows of tree when is raining is weird xd
    night view is wonderful
    nether view amazing!

    keep up men you doing a great shader

  51. Red says:

    The best dhader tbh

  52. davidZHANG2671 says:

    hmm,it doesnt work for win10 beezupdate
    how can i fix it

  53. George says:

    Serious question but will this work with windows 10 edition?

  54. John says:

    The property ‘/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.

  55. codename-AFK says:

    is this good for the beta or just the public version only?

  56. My name is no name says:

    Please disable the waving trees and water it looks so much better without it !

  57. Marcelo says:

    ¡AYUDA POR FAVOR! La propiedad ‘/header/min_engine_version’ debe tener definido un valor inferior a ‘1.13.0’. Para usar una version superior, tienes que utilizar la version del formato 2.

  58. Vexed says:

    Upon joining with this pack either all blocks save for entities & non-blocks are invisible, or the game looks like the default Minecraft textures with no outside resource packs installed, it does look like a beautiful pack from the pictures though, sadly I cannot seem to get it to work..

  59. Lomasi says:

    I can’t use this because of shrink me. please remove it I’m begging you at least use adfly because chrome can’t get past shrink me. ):

  60. Troy says:

    I tried this on Xbox, and it didn’t work. The only difference was the sun, and the outline was white when you look at a block. Think you could make it work on Xbox? We got no shaders over here. It would be nice to have something.

  61. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the Manifest.json and icon image for the pack

  62. Anonymous says:

    mediafire link please,dont use dropbox i cant download it…

  63. Ultranety says:

    Finally a shader that doesn’t replace the clouds, I have been wanting this for ages

  64. americamx says:

    Please make it work for Windows 10, we get horrible shaders.

  65. HM Rahee says:

    Nice pack I loved it. Can you teach me shader code modification for personal usage?

  66. LightningCraft says:


  67. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to work on windows 10 edition in the future?

  68. John says:

    I load it and nothing hsppens, i cant see anything, help?

    • Eldeston says:

      Please join Discord for further discussion about this

    • Wumbo says:

      I don’t believe the shader is working for me. When I load up the world. I only see the sun, the rest of the blocks are invisible. I tried this with my texture packs on and off, yet I still see the sun. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!

  69. Marn says:

    man this is epic

  70. Kriss says:

    this dropbox iso is full of malware.

  71. sam doesn't like cash grabs says:

    chrome is refusing to accept my download, after thousands of adverts. you money hungry pig.

  72. Dark Cena says:

    Gorgeous texture pack thats more saturated by ESBE, but please change the link to mediafire the current one is known to distribute malware

  73. xbox player says:

    *suffers in xbox*

  74. Icytheminer77 says:

    This is copying ultramax shader

  75. Jelly says:

    I like this one a lot but it’s just a little too bright for me, could you maybe make a version with lowered saturation? Thanks

  76. thetrueminecrafter says:

    Wow in impressed…i never saw a shader so perfect and so beatiful for all mobile devices…

  77. Bedrock or no? says:

    Does this work on bedrock? I thought render dragon was a thing… Bedrock or no?

  78. Eldeston says:

    ATTENTION: This pack only works on mobile versions of Minecraft, sorry for any inconveniences

  79. black_agent says:

    Hey nice dude, your shader just like my friend shader. But, your’s more better

  80. Furretkawaii says:

    I really love it i definitely not a beta tester that has test and help the shaders improve

  81. Anonymous says:

    Is this xbox friendly?

  82. ฅ^•ε•^ฅ says:

    This is a great texture pack! Works flawlessly on bedrock edition! Perfect for survival, builds, minigames and so much more! Definitely recommend downloading this pack!

  83. James says:

    is this compatible for win10?

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