Published on January 05, 2021 (Updated on January 05, 2021)

Every Mob Act Like Creepers Addon

So fundy coded a datapack which made every mob act like creepers in minecraft java 7 months ago so I decided to code it for bedrock edition. but not quite, the mobs can’t function correctly as I used the creeper entity code because it is hard coded to make mobs explode like a creeper while having their code and function correctly. but the mobs drop the correct loot table. (sorry I am bad at explaining)

all credits goes to fundy. watch the video thing

list of the mobs that will act like creepers: bat, bee, blaze, cat, cave spider, chicken, cow, dolphin, donkey, drowned, elder guardian, ender dragon, enderman, evocation illager. fish, ghast, guardian, hoglin, horse, husk, iron golem, llama, mooshroom, mule, ocelot, panda, parrot, phantom, pig, piglin brute, piglin, pillager, polar bear, pufferfish, rabbit, ravager, salmon, sheep, shulker, silverfish, skeleton horse, skeleton, slime, snow golem, spider, squid, stray, strider, tropicalfish, turtle, vex, villager v2, villager, vindicator, wandering trader, witch, wither skeleton, wither, wolf, zoglin, zombie horse, zombie pigman, zombie villager v2, zombie villager, zombie. these mobs won’t work correctly but still drop the right loot table as it should be. 

there is no flashing animation because it is hard coded or just very tedious to do, sorry.

video of a chicken blowing up 

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did what mcpedl team wanted me to do so they will accept


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can you make this into an mcpack my anti-virus wont allow me to run it
Works in 1.16.40?
This is simply awesome 😂,thanks for porting it to bedrock edition.