EverySoundInMCPE [Redstone]

This map includes Every Sound in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. (Over 500 different sounds) If you are a map maker, this is very useful for finding sounds that fit to your project. This was originally released for Minecraft, but is now updated to version 1.8.1 with many new sounds.

This map supposedly includes all the different sounds which are included in the original version of the game (meaning, no external resource packs are required). You can play each sound by pressing a button on a command block and you can hover over the command blocks to get information about each sound. It's especially useful for map makers who want to add sounds to their own maps.

Creator: krivas, YouTube Channel

How does it work?

As soon as you've spawned you will find tons of command blocks. There is a button on each block which when pressed will play the sound. You can check the command required for playing the sound by pressing the command block.

Here's a short video which briefly shows how it works in-game. https://www.youtube.com/embed/XKR3fJM1kNU

Download .McWorld

Select version for changelog:

  • Added over 200 new sounds. (Before: 283. Now: 503.)
  • You can now use a fishing rod to stop the sounds playing.
  • You now just hover over the command blocks to read info instead of reading signs.
  • Audio now plays from the player, not the commandblock.
  • Many minor improvements:
    • E.g. better info wall, walk path, white text on signs, and more!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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I can’t open it. I think I need to update my version.
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What? I can’t open it.
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its in a higher version
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Just installed it, can't wait to try it. Even if it doresnt work I'll keep it for a year or so.
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Thanks usefull for making my map
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Hey guys! Anibody can help me?? The 'ramdom' sounds isn’t working for me, in my other Maps :/. Please I need help.
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Really cool!
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Wow awsome now I can make my own world of horror with these sounds
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Nice! It is helpful.
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Doesn't work... Says there's a newer version of it. But I have 1.0.9 on my tablet?
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Hi, "There is are a button on each block"
Another grammar error.
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A typo, yeah, fixed.
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Dude, like 1/4 of all the commands are wrong, inc. those for the elder guardian, the vindicator and more.
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