Published on April 06, 2021 (Updated on May 11, 2022)

Everything Invisible [Invisibility Addon]

Don't you wish you had glasses, wanting awful vision and wanting a disadvantage in life. Well now you can, With this addon you can live the life of a blind person without glasses. Have fun living the life that you always wanted.

This addon is a simple addon that makes all entities invisible, except for you (based of the setting) , and with you only being to see particle effects (based on the settings) from the entities. This addon requires you think on the fly and find new solutions in problems. This is a really fun challenge and encourage everyone to play it. I also encourage you to play this with friends since everything is more fun with friends. Remember to watch your backs and watch your friends backs, because creepers cant be seen and if you could look at an enderman without knowing, so good luck and have fun with this addon.

You will also need to turn on cheats for this to work and you don't need to turn on experimental mode.






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added for new settings

1. Original

2. Invis. entities have particle effects and player is effected

3. Invis. entities do not have particle effects and player is not effected

4. Invis. entities do not have particle effects and player is effected


If you use the star discord server link (THANK YOU) click it link, you should be sent to join the discord, once you have you will be sent to the welcome channel and in the welcome channel, there will be a blue highlighted part named #games, click that and then find the game you want to download.


If you use the regular link, you have to use linkvertise and go through what is asked, next it will send you to media fire and then click the blue button to get the addon.

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