Evil Parkour

Tired of the same old boring parkour maps? Jump into Evil Parkour and test your skills in 10 themed levels! They start easy but don't take long to get extremely hard! Will you claim the title King / Queen of Parkour? Or will you rage quit before level 3?


Supported Minecraft versions

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Hi The Sonic Master! I would like to do a mod showcase would it be okay???
If so, I will leave the website URL here...
Please Respond! (ASAP)
You stole my title!
I enjoyed it, almost rage quit at lvl 7, -Slip N Slide-

This Map Was Played By UNSPEAKABLE! >>> https://youtu.be/4sw3TSdtbeg
Hello, may I do a showcase?
Easy but fun nonetheless
This is a good map! I would rate this 5/5 !
That was easy I just bit the map in 15 mins the last lvl 10 was easy just wait for the arrow end
Hi and thanks for the feedback! There is a more convenient way to complete Level 10 without needing to wait for the arrows to end, but we'll let you figure that out! Try and find it :).
i never cheated before, imma give this a five star even though i didn't play it yet, since i LOVE all parkour maps.
Hi and thanks for the comment. We are confident you'll enjoy playing all of our maps, and all of our maps are always of the highest quality they can be!