Published on April 05, 2021 (Updated on September 11, 2021)

EVO Shader V1.3 "A New Future"

A new future for mcpe shader modding, a brand new shader in 2021 with new feature, this include new feature like fbm cloud, realistic water wavy, cloud shadow, new realisitc lighting, sun glare, and many more. lighting colouring is based on SEUS V11 (PC) and some like SEUS RENEWED (PC), in hope this shader make a new feeling for mcpe it self.

don't forget to read description, and enjoy the shader :)

NOTE : Shader only for Android & iOS, For now

Newest Version : EVO Shader V1.3 REV 60

Select version for changelog:

  • Almost All EVO SHADER V1.2 Feature
  • New Life Lighting
  • Shadow Animation on Leaves
  • Cloud Shadow for World
  • Optimial Vibrant Color
  • Living Torch Light Effect and Color
  • Realistic Fancy Optimized FBM Sky-Cloud
  • 2D Plane Cloud and Sky Reflection on Water
  • Fancy Pre-Raymarch Wavy on Water
  • Fancy Realistic Sun and Moon
  • Optimal darkness for night and cave
  • Atmospheric Ambience for Nether and The End
  • Under Water Lighting and Water Caustics Effect
  • Water Ripple when Rain (DISABLED, too lag, advance user only)
  • Realistic Ambience for sky and cloud
  • Realistic sun and moon light glare and scattering
  • Mob/Player Lighting Direction
  • Discover More . . .


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Pinned comment
PLS note, the shader is not working for newest minecraft pe with render dragon
ShawonFF and never played will be there by
Why linkvertise?
PLS note, the shader is not working for newest minecraft pe with render dragon
The mod works for me fine
its fake! dont work-!
It just doesn't work
This comment has been removed
Is this render dragon supported?
this corrupted my worlds and deleted them.
Is there Player shadows?? I haven't tried this but I just wonder cuz i downloaded 2 Shaders 2 days ago and non of them Have Player
shaders don’t work, it crahses my game everytime
please make it so it has shaders on mobs and modded items and mobs too.
Updated to 1.18.2 please…