Published on March 09, 2018 (Updated on March 09, 2018)

SS Evolve Factions Realms [PvP]

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Submission on the top of your screen
Villagers are broken ;(
The costume png doesn’t work pls update
I can't wait 1h I'm so bored but it's an amazing mapp
i found this map as the first thing i saw on planet minecraft and i foundout he didnt make it
he dowloade the map and me and my friends did all the work command wise and he took all the credit
he told us he had builders build it lyer
wheres my youtube at??? i did more work the the "creator dont you just love how when you do more work than the creator and he tosses you out without credit where credits do
Is it for iOS
It's too big. I wish to play it because it looks good but I saw the space it would take. Can you make good maps but they require small space only?
any chance adding it for java edetion to?
How do u share and post ur map in MCPEDL so that they can play it?
I like your Minecraft map! Jake left the conversation
Heh, I'm unimpressed with the amount of storage this takes up, I've seen MCPE maps that freaking take up over 1 GB of storage (even 2), great map. I'm planning on using this map for a YouTube video eventually. I need to leave credit in the video description right? I don't want to get credit for this awesome map. My laptop has 500 GB storage, installing the map was totally worth it. Maybe you can make a Bedwars map sometime?
Would be better if this was a fresh file and not a used one, theres obvious signs of what i assume are used crate keys and kits all around the perimeter of spawn.
This should be made into a realm or server so you could play with others