Published on August 24, 2021 (Updated on August 24, 2021)

Ex Nihilo (Recreation)

Ex Nihilo means "out of nothing" in Latin. The Ex Nihilo series from Minecraft Java Edition is about getting resources from just one tree... Yeah, you can't really get anything out of nothing :/ And now, its in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!!!

Before I mention all the stuff in the add-on, This add-on also belongs to MKH. We teamed up to make this very epic addon so make sure to go check him out too! Here is his YouTube Channel and also his Twitter account.

Also this is a recreation of the mod from Java Edition (even though it is a recreation, some things might not be the same.) so make sure to go check out the Ex Nihilo mod for Minecraft Java Edition as well! Also the license for the Ex Nihilo mod (MIT license) from Minecraft java is in the behavior pack)


Ok, let's continue!



Once you start chopping a tree down, you'll be able to craft a crook. Crooks allow you to obtain extra stuff from leaves! You'll also obtain another item which will be useful soon...

Also here's how you craft it



You can only obtain silkworms from using crooks on the leaves. Interact some leaves with a silkworm and the silkworm will infest the leaves and make string. Once the leaves turn fully white, use a crook on it and you'll get string!



Barrels are used to make dirt. This will be useful if you are playing some sort of Skyblock map. You can use some saplings, silkworms or some crops to fill it and make dirt.



Hammers are used to crush certain blocks. Here are the blocks that you can crush and also the recipes for the hammers.

Cobblestone -> Gravel

Gravel -> Sand

Sand -> Dust



Sieves are used to obtain resources from certain blocks. You'll also need a mesh to use it too. Different meshes give different resources. Here are the recipes for the meshes and the sieve.


  • String Mesh
  • Flint Mesh
  • Iron Mesh
  • Diamond Mesh


Place the sieve down and interact with the sieve while holding the mesh to place the mesh down. If you want the mesh back, just break the sieve.

If you want to see all the blocks that can be sieved and also the loot, click here.



There are 2 types of crucibles, here's all of them.


∙ Oak Crucible

You can put some saplings or leaves in this crucible to make some water

Interact with it with a bucket to get the water.


∙ (Clay) Crucible

In order to craft this crucible, you'll need some porcelain clay.

After that, craft an unfired crucible

Then, put it in a furnace and that's it!

How to use it.

Crucibles are used to make lava. Here's how. First place a heat source. Here are all the heat sources (Note: You can't place the crucible first. if you do that, it won't work)

  • Torch (x1 speed)
  • Lava (x2 speed)
  • Fire (x4 speed)

Then, place the crucible above the heat source and put cobblestone in it to make it start producing lava.

Interact with it with a bucket to get the lava.


Extra Stuff:

∙ Dust

Dust can be made by crushing sand with a hammer. It is only used for sieving for now. More uses for it will be added soon

∙ Grass Seeds and Ancient Spores

You can get these by sieving dirt. Grass seeds can be used to make grass blocks and ancient spores can be used to make mycelium.

∙ Pebbles

You can get pebbles from sieving. Here are the uses for pebbles.

  • Stone Pebbles can be used to make cobblestone.
  • Andesite Pebbles can be used to make andesite.
  • Diorite Pebbles can be used to make diorite.
  • Granite Pebbles can be used to make granite.

∙ Ore Pieces

You can obtain ore pieces from sieving. They are used to make raw ores.


Also when using this add-on you should enable these options (you can also enable other options if you want to)


Terms of Use: 

Must READ!!!

By downloading this add-on or any other projects that has some of my stuff, you agree to the terms of use below:

  • You are not allowed to re-publish this add-on anywhere else.
  • You are not allowed to create your own direct links. Use this website's link instead.
  • If you are using this addon for a YouTube video, please credit both me and MKH (For example. In the video's description, maybe put a link that directs you to this site, links that directs you to our YouTube channels or links that directs you to our MCPEDL profiles).
  • You have permission to use this in your world or add-on pack/modpack but please credit us and also please do not monetize it.

Select version for changelog:

  • Added Ex Nihilo Creatio's MIT license in the add-on's Behavior Pack and also in the Mediafire download page.

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The 1.18 update for this addon is coming soon! Theres too much stuff to optimize & update so it might take a long time. XDDD
I break cobblestone with hammer but it don't become gravel
Update Relese Date?
The 1.18 update for this addon is coming soon! Theres too much stuff to optimize & update so it might take a long time. XDDD
aguythatmakes_stuff November 20, 2021 at 6:30 am
crucible doesn't work and hammer doesnt crush anything..
May I know how to get clay?
Getting clay will be added in the next update. Not sure when MKH will finish making it though. Probably soon.
You can just add a shapless recipe for 1 sand and 1 gravel which give 2 clay blocks in untill the 1.18 update.

The only other issue I found was the textures on the sieve.

Would be nice to cook the silk worms to eat as food as
Can just put this link and credit to you guys?
You just need to put the add-on's mcpedl page link and say "Made by MKH and SirQuackTH" too
This is a very good add-on package, I want to be the exclusive agent of this add-on package in China, so that more Chinese players can play this add-on package, this is very exciting, would you like me to be the agent of this add-on package in China?
If you don't want to, you can let me post the add-on on the Chinese forum.
I'll let you post it in the Chinese forum as long as if you give me and MKH some credit (if you can't then its fine)
Looks great, you did a great job
hey I found a bug whenever I use the bucket on the wooden crucible or barrel the bucket I made disappear in survival mode I don't know about the normal crucible haven't gotten that far
I think MKH forgot to make it give the bucket back, I'll fix it for you.
Thanks can't wait for the update this is an amazing addon I thought id let you know about the bug also any planes for auto hammer or sieve or the compressed stuff
Maybe I'll make some of the compressed stuff in a separate addon. And for the automatic stuff, maybe soon.
This addon is incredible, I am waiting for Next update
Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciate it ;>