Published on May 01, 2014

Extreme Custom Terrain Map

Installation Guides

I got the zip and renamed it to mcworld, tried uploading it to MC but the import failed. Now what bruh .
Just download an app where you can rename the .zip to .mcworld really simple guys
Guest-1425323105 May 06, 2020 at 2:21 am
if you do it says import failed
Yay!!!!! Finally someone knows that you can rename them! Ur are really the first person after weeks
Can uou please make a file? This is one of my absolute vavorite maps ever!
Can you make a mc.pack for iOS, this map looks awesome!
Looks amazing, but can you please make a mc.pack/ download for iOS please.
This is the best map pack I have ever played!!! The creator of this map is literally a genius!!!!
Oh, and if you want to play it you have to download Documents and its for free soooo.... your welcome and I learned that in eckos channel
Dear editor, I have made a .mcworld file version of canyons and deep ocean, may I post them, or at least send them to you?
Can you post them? I really want this map but I'm on an iphone
Plz add a .mcworld file
Also how do u upload maps?
Will it work on 16.2
Please Post Installation Guide For Windows Phone Version. Please.
Will it work on 13.1?
Yeah, probably. But it will probably be limited to a 256x256 world.
It won't work. No matter what, I unzip it and place it in the worlds folder, it won't show up in the game. I'm playing on 10.5. Is the map too underupdated? It was released a while ago... please answer. The pack looks so amazing!
You need to put Into the worlds folder and extract it
It's a very old map. Almost a year old. Maybe it's outdated.
Scratch that. Open THAT folder and you'll find multiple.folders. take them all and put them. In the world folder.
Your making a common mistake. Unzip it. Open the folder. You should find another SINGLE folder. Take THAT folder and put it in the world folder.