By Editor
Published on October 12, 2015 (Updated on October 12, 2015)

Extreme Herobrine 4 (Modded Map) [Adventure]

Media fire link?
I think this map is awsome
Im scared to download help is it scary editor pls answer !!! ?
Hey can you make this map then add .McWorld please
Wont download. Just realised that its 0.12.1 map and i have 0.13.0 so it wont work. Please upgrade it to 0.13.0
Dude! The map is incredibly made! 100/10 for making it in Minecraft PE! Please make some more!
good Maps Can You Make Scary Maps With Mod Again?????? :)
Is this map for 0.12.1????? If it is can you upgrade the script?
It is for 0.12.1, yes.
is Kinda Scary Thank For the map I Like it can u Uploud The end modded map?
Hey dude that so awesome!!!!