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Published on September 17, 2015 (Updated on September 17, 2015)

Extreme Jungle Biome: -1648043236

Here is a great jungle seed where you will spawn in it and just a little further ahead you will see a desert and a large mountain made out of sand and sandstone. While that's pretty cool it's not the main attraction in this seed! Let's show you what you can find..

Found by: MyNameIsTriXz, Twitter Account

Turn swiftly to your left and start heading in that direction.

After some of walking (or flying) you should be able to see a jungle trees stretching far up into the sky almost touching the clouds! There are several epic overhanging mountains and even some mountains which could be considered floating islands because their overhang is extremely unrealistic, but in a very epic way.

Here's a beautiful view of how a large part of the extreme mountains look like. There's even a waterfall there.

Seed: -1648043236

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The cords for the first picture is 1803, 86, 168.
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Todavía no eh probado la semilla pero espero que todavía funcione en la última versión de Minecraft
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Does anyone know the cords for the centre of the jungle
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Dope...its perfect
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Please help me, I can’t find the jungle! I’ve looked everywhere
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Good seed. Considering playing it in survival now Aquatic Update is out. Only wish it had a Woodland Mansion and haven't found any villages yet, despite looking over a lot of desert. Can't have everything!

South is a Mesa Plateau
north east of jungle - swamp
east of jungle large sea, then desert
savannah west and north of desert spawn area and plains south
mushroom island! west of desert spawn area

Thanks to mcpe_viz found four jungle temples!!! That's a monster jungle biome.
Jungle temples are at:
2094.4 77 -276
1901.8 77 -233.1
1918 74 1918
2320 65 2012

Seems good for the aquatic update too
Lots of ocean east of the Jungle.
underwater ruin at 2899 47 284 (treasure map inside!)
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u r jokes to all the human crist
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I think this sees will be great for my new project to come. I'm going to do a lost temple located in a magnificent spot in the jungle which I'll edit. With this seed, I might not need to do much before I start the temple.
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The cords are 1807, 87, 164 the mountain thing you guys want
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Excuse me, what is the version for this seed?
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Also, where are the coordinates for the arch?
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in one of those cave i will make a batcave how cool is that
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I found a jungle temple, mesa biome and guess what?! Even more jungle couldn't find overhangs ??
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Scouted if again. Found the temple nothing else
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It looks great and I found lots of ocelots and parrots
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Will this seed work on every device or just on a certain one
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