Extreme Safe House [Redstone]

This map features an extreme safe house which will keep you well protected from most dangers in Minecraft. The main feature of the map is the modern mansion which is powered by more than 350 command blocks, 3 different safety modes and much more. If you thoroughly dislike mobs intruding your house then definitely try this map out!

Creator: M7MoGameRTwitter Account


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121 Responses

4.31 / 5 (62 votes)
  1. Guest-4936776239 says:

    This is really cool

  2. Guest-1371064577 says:


  3. Guest-3425462012 says:

    Will you be updating this

  4. Guest-4337148854 says:


    Second: Good map. I like the security features

    Third & Last: Job well done. Five stars

  5. Guest-1709655814 says:


  6. Guest-5049251631 says:

    Nice build, could use some more defenses though.

  7. muhammetali says:

    oyun sürümünü bulamadım

  8. Man says:

    I can’t find it. And what is it called.

  9. Chinese players says:

    I am a player from China, can I release this map and translate it to others?

  10. Wesley Saturnus says:


  11. goombaguns says:

    good house that has a fatal flaw you can simply block over and block the lasers then block over then your in if this problem was fixed this house would be truly invincible otherwise great house

  12. Anonymous says:

    When is the coming soon stuff going to be coming

  13. Anonymous says:

    Not safe throw enderperal through lasers at max safe u will teleport to house with pearl and be still alive

  14. Steve says:

    Why I can’t hit players?

  15. Enderboy3477 says:

    The map is amazing but what does extreme mode do?

  16. Agnik says:

    How to turn of the lasers is there a button or something??

  17. Loyald says:

    Hi i’m a friend of the creators and he told me he quit Minecraft bedrock and is working on java maps or he said he might quit Minecraft all together

  18. EnderGardian28 says:

    Amazing but some suggestions, at the end of the emergency escape have a button that moves a grass block so it is not so easy to break in that way, and for the iron bars add a price of paper with a code on it to enter. And please update more, other than that, this map is awesome! I’ll rate 5 stars if you add at least one of my suggestions.

  19. Anonymous says:

    When i downloaded the map the elevator broke so i checked what happened and the redstone broke so can u try and fix it at least

    • Xx_RageKB10_xX says:

      go to the elevator floor and go to the top left corner (looking out) and look outside holding the arrow to go to the left. So you can get on!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it where we choose what blocks gets sorted bc i rather have different wood blocks then to have tnt and Redstone blocks in my automatic sorter

  21. Minecraft Helper says:

    When will the map be updated?

  22. Addison says:

    Awesome build soo cool you should try it😀

  23. TOPDUDE42 says:

    do you know someone called “the crafted TOT”??? I am asking because he said to me that he works with you in the house and that he’s one of the builders and I want to know if he’s lying or not

  24. Cortland says:

    Hi! I have not downloaded this map yet, but I have seen a lot of “coming soon” signs from a Youtuber video. I was wondering if it is ready to download yet?

  25. Luke says:

    Cool safe house

  26. DiamondPro 08 says:

    Can you send a link to the texture pack?

  27. SpongeBob15096 says:

    This won’t copy directly to Minecraft and I don’t have a computer so how do I download this

    • Xx_RageKB10_xX says:

      If you’re on the phone: download .mcworld and take you to mediafire, then download the file and open it in Minecraft If you are from PC: download the .zip and export the folder to: % appdata%> .minecraft> saves and then stay Minecraft and see that there will be the world

  28. Arie says:

    How to open it ?

  29. DV Bravo says:

    like it but please update the house i want something new

  30. Anonymous says:

    Good. The password is all the arrows aiming toward the very middle block then press the button

  31. Mark says:

    This map is awesome mostly for survivalist

  32. Anonymous says:

    I can’t do this passcode

  33. STARFOOXYT says:

    Yeeeeet this amazing

  34. Maria eduarda ck says:

    De mais

  35. Enderskeleton88 says:

    Omg best thing on here

  36. Zach Playz MC says:

    Can you please update it already Ive been waiting for months

  37. Mckai says:

    It’s Mckai

  38. Mckai says:

    Message me on Twitter pls

  39. Mckai says:

    What is the arrow code to open the bridge in minecraft,extreme safe house map?

  40. LeviathanXL says:

    Please fix the fireplace!!!

  41. DV_bravo says:

    Can we can update this house if it comes

  42. DV_bravo says:


  43. Someone says:

    It’s not super safe. I was able to get in by jumping off one of those stone pillars you made and using an Elytra + Fireworks I was able to get into the house

  44. HAYYAN says:

    Because your Minecraft version doesn’t match with map’s version

  45. Aaron says:

    Not good

  46. Halo says:

    Could you add a lab or science room to further adapt to the education beta edition of Minecraft?

  47. K says:

    How do i change the safety modes and how do i fill the lava pit

  48. Kian says:

    How do i change the safety modes and how do fill the moat

  49. Liam says:

    What is the code for the arrows

  50. Zdgamer0823 says:

    Oh yeah you should make a portal using command block i already added. 4 types of portal in my minecraft pe.

  51. Zdgamer0823 says:

    Wow this map is awesome but in my phone i added cameras,key cabinets with lock and some of the errors in command_blocks hehehe

  52. The diamond king says:

    I can’t play it because of the flipin lag i USE A KINDLE FIRE FOR GOD SAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Johnathan says:

    How do I do the arrow thing?

  54. Ffff says:


  55. Harley Moore says:

    Quick question. What’s the difference between high safety mode and extreme safety mode. Can’t tell

  56. Rang3rpower says:

    The map was MIND BLOWING

  57. Zalol says:

    Cool map but where is the house?

  58. IEPICBUILDER says:

    the arrow password crashes me. pls fix. I love the map though

  59. Juls says:

    Hey i am a fan of you but there is a bug when i pressed onmthe enchantment table button in the bunker it crashed can you fix it? Thanks

  60. Aryan Rai says:

    A little laggy

  61. LeviathanXL says:

    How do you do those symbols at the top of the signs?

  62. Amelia says:

    Im again here!! This house is great at command, eedstone but for security IS good but the problem is my friends try always combination in middle… So griefer and anyone can come!! Please make a key 🙁

  63. SypherNexus943 says:

    this map looks mlg

  64. greg says:

    omg this is awesomeeeeee

  65. Its_Meh_Lisa says:

    Its so cool!!! 😱😱😱

  66. BIOICAL_BLADE1 says:

    This map is great but even a maximum security it was easy to enter can you please make it harder thx

  67. hamza says:

    what version this map works on

    • Xx_RageKB10_xX says:

      The password is all the arrows aiming toward the very middle block then press the button.
      Good Luck and Good Game 🙂

  68. Neilcoolgamer says:

    I love it_:)

  69. Marielle says:

    First download and first comment

  70. Fans Minecraft says:

    get This Link addons No Pay!!!!! 😀😀😀😀

  71. Natasha says:

    Is there a way I can download the texture pack separately?

  72. LolitzJeff says:

    Can you make an Overwatch map? You’re so good at redstone

  73. ItsDragonCraft says:

    Make an Overwatch map

  74. KILLERd7r says:

    Really cool & 1st

  75. Shadow says:

    I LOVE this House. You could add in security cameras to sothen I can see people coming toward the house. Maybe even turrets to!

  76. Amelia says:

    hi im amelia, a fan of all your map! this map is so coooooool! but im waiting for the *coming soon!* VERRY GOOOD JOB

  77. Jlan123 says:

    Most of the redstone was broken or mis labeled

  78. Type24 says:

    How does the bridge work?

  79. Angryjo0703 says:

    NOTCH !!!!!

  80. EnderPro303 says:


    • TOPDUDE42 says:

      dude, do you know someone called “the crafted TOT”, I am asking because he told me that he’s one of the builders and he works with you and I am asking because I want to know if he’s lying or if he’s not

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