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Published on January 26, 2019 (Updated on February 26, 2019)

Eyes The Horror Game [Minigame]

Eyes - The Horror Game is a first person horror game where the player has to enter a building during the night, steal twenty bags of money and escape the crime scene trying to pass by unseen. The problem is that instead of conventional security, you run into something a lot worse... ghosts.

Creator: Last Warning, Discord Server Published by: Ashish X, Discord serverYouTube Channel

Winners of this map

Who ever won the game on YouTube will be shown here

Mcpedl ( he invited me for a cake party in his box lol )

The bright iron ( he is so bright )

Lightblue Dragon (that’s my favorite colour)

Gamers craft ( so poor subscribers pls subscribe him lol )

Ice man derp ( same poor has here )

Mr potatodino  ( looks like I will make fries for dinner )

Faded gaming ( I am singing faded )

Awesomepro777🥴 ( that’s awesome )

Darkpower202 ( he is a wolf? )

Thy Mai ( aww so cute )

neo xoan ( neon )

How to play?

Your objective is to go through all the rooms of the building, open each closet and look behind every door searching for the bags of money, but being careful not to stumble upon a paranormal presence. If the furniture starts to move and you hear weird sounds then it's time to run, because otherwise it's likely that a horrible creature ends the life of your main character. In the different rooms of the building you will also find eyes drawn on the walls. These eyes, when touching them, will show you phantasmagorical visions of certain places in the building. What you want to do with that information is for you to decide.

Creator's Note

Eyes - The Horror Game is quite a good horror game that, following in the footsteps of Slender, offers a new experience each time you play. The motive is that everything, the location of the bags, the distribution of the eyes and the appearances of the ghosts, is completely random. Created by : Last Warning Published by : Ashish X

Video Showcase

watch the trailer here \/

watch the gameplay here \/

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New Winner

Neo Xoan

on YouTube and I released a new map called black snow [short] map go check it out 


Click the creeper colour line down below

and pls delete the old eyes the horror map and install the new eyes the horror map


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4.64 / 5 (11 votes)
Wait does anyone know what texture pack they used? Obv the resource pack is for the game, but I love the block textures. It would be cool to download separately.
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Omg its make me got heart attack and jumping scared??
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Is there a zip file of this? Thank you
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Made a gameplay of it, pls fix the bug :)
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I added a trailer and still sorting it out the texture bug but I added your gameplay video on video Showcase and your name is on winners
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Can you please make a texture pack of that chandelier? It's really beautiful
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This looks creepy,

MoonShadow.exe is now going to explode
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Pls don’t worry ? it will be fixed just seems that my friend is not replying so I hope he will reply with the updated map and I can post it and he will say what he added and I will copy and paste it to the Changelog blah blah blah well Right know it sounds bad but their is nothing to worry about you’ll be fine just wait for it just imagine it is the part of the game or u could just play it on 1.7 and see how it was in the video
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No textures for money bags, no texture for scary ghost that chase you. Keys don't work in basement, I've reset the map 3 times.
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Hi well Umm I am on making a bug fix update but it seems my friend won’t wake up from his nap ? so I gotta fix this but I am on iOS and He creates it and I publish it so yeah I hope he is working on it that’s why I put it on coming soon so u guys will understand
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Nagyon jó legyen
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Hey, nice map, but why the map is bugged, it was like the Krasue ghost missing some texture, the bag coin was almost invinsible, and the chairs was glitching, not like in the showcase video. I tried to reeinstall the map, but nothing change.... Is it because of the map or my Mincraft version doesn't support the map (I used 1.8 Official) or my phone??
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Umm yeah We are updating it so pls wait I t might some time cause my friend those not seemed to reply when I reported the bug to him well until then it will be no bug or anything on 1.7 but in 1.8 and 1.9 (beta) it seems to only have the bug I gotta fix this and then take a nap ?
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Cool map but the chair texture is broken please fix it
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Jussa question: how did you make the furniture??
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They i think using command block just my opinion
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