Published on August 27, 2017 (Updated on October 24, 2017)

Facility Flee [Minigame]

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For what minecraft version

Btw its good
Bro I am when i click the Map when it's downloaded it's say that it failed...
you need to use a zip
guys, don't hate on him, he likes Roblox and Minecraft equally so he just decided to make his Favourite game in Minecraft for fun
This game sounds amazing! There is one problem though, each time I download it I spawn in a desert near ocean! Please help me on this problem!
I can’t download it. Is anyone else having the same problem? Pls fix
Me too I can't download it up. This is a bit cozy.
Copy of flee the facility in roblox
i died
Amazing map but has a few problems like when i want to be a beast I Cant be one and my friend gets the beast items even if I press the button. Another cool thing is to add a texture pack to make it look cooler.
I'm so confused because mine shows it downloading then does the thing when u download a texture pack
I can't even download this map.
I think this is based out of Roblox flee the facility..... and this map is fun! And the Roblox one too
Dude I played this on roblox except it was called Escape the Facility
I think the breast has to have a button and put it somewhere
but then if the beast is afk or they don't want to put it somewhere, there is no chance of winning for survivors :/
This wasn't that great. I expected everyone to get some sort of gear but all there was were sticks called batons. Noting else. After tearing apart the map, there was no button. Everyone was starving and there was no food. We couldn't spawn anything. Overall a boring experience
The button is hiding near the beast.

Tip: its on the paintings :)
So how do you get around the problem that the beast will be able to see the nametags of the survivors and thus figure out where they are?
the beast can deactivate seeing nametags in the settings of minecraft. Try doing that for better gameplay!!!