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Fallenity Addon

“The word has become a dangerous place to live. There is no way to run, nowhere to hide ... "

This plugin adds some new randomly spawned mobs and new items in Minecraft. If you are a Minecraft veteran who wants a challenge in Minecraft, this addon is a good option.


Mysterious souls from the abyss. They are aggressive and capable of teleporting. They drop the Abyss block and Abyss sword when they die

Health: 5
Attack: 3

Vengeful ghost

Vengeful spirit of the abyss. More aggressive and powerful than the normal spectrum. Drop the Vengeance Emblem when killed

Health: 20

Attack: 8 (melee)

Titaniun Knight

Heavy warriors forged from pure abyss steel and equipped with a giant blade. The Titanium Knights are really dangerous units. Rumor has it that they destroyed most of the Golden Shrine warriors.

Health: 100

Attack: 25



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¿Qué tal si colocas una estructura? Un castillo, donde el jefe es el caballero de titanio.
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