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Published on November 25, 2015 (Updated on November 25, 2015)

Fallout PE [Survival]

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Can I mod this map using add-ons and release it? You will be credited :D
Map is not the biggest
so i went in creative so to not die continously and checked around to see the map but there is no map at all ._.
It's really fallout because I spawn on the void and I keep falling down
XD you just took first place at comedie
Is there story behind 438,36,222?
Loved the map though, it won’t let me download the new one :(
One pro tip watch your step while walking there are holes in the ground!
Can you finish it for iOS Plz
Can I use the map for video on YouTube! I will put this website in the description and whatever you guys need!
where is the new updated map ?? am v eager and impatient yeah that's me lmao HMU
I tried looking through your twitter for the updated map but i vant find it... Can you post the link for it please still i think this map already is 5 stars lol
I always climb the unrealisticly high mountains for absolutely no reason at all. Thanks for the tip, but in minecraft I think that death is ok.
Don't forget to add more to this! I love this map, but think you can add more? Especially since there are command blocks now?
Please make it the same as the moded one. Please I am a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!
Damnnnn, this is a good map if only it were infinite. :(
there is an addon for this too, it fits really well, though i recommend putting the hunter weapons addon on top of the falloutcrafter addon because the guns in fallout craft are not really guns. if you do so, at least you get a pistol