Published on May 24, 2023 (Updated on May 18, 2023)

[FANMADE] Craftkai: Book II, Chapter I

Like The Mimic? Like Minecraft?? Oh boy. I got something for you. This addon adds the monsters and their respective lanterns from the Roblox horror game The Mimic into Minecraft. This is a fan made project and in no way involved with the actual game. uh. Actual mimic developers. If you’re seeing this and you don’t want me doing this let me know and this addon is getting thrown away. (and if you do gimme a shoutout? nah jk….. unless-) Sorry In advance for the yelling in each section. It makes it easier to organize when it’s angry and bold.This addon includes loud noises and jumpscares.

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| v1.0 |: Initial Release.

Release of Craftkai, Book II Chapter I. an addon that brings the monsters from the Roblox horror game: "The Mimic" into Minecraft.

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Yo keep up the work bro, cant wait for chapter 3 bro.
can you make their attacking range bigger? its like 10 blocks rn and they always leave behind.. otherwise its great
nice mod I really like it got rin to chase me