Published on April 15, 2022 (Updated on June 30, 2022)

[FANMADE] The Mimic: Craftkai - Book II Update HOTFIX! | v0.3.1 |

"Jealousy was sent to the bottom of the sea, part of a forgotten legacy."

Like The Mimic? Like Minecraft?? Oh boy. I got something for you. This addon adds the monsters and their respective lanterns from the Roblox horror game The Mimic into Minecraft. This is a fan made project and in no way involved with the actual game. uh. Actual mimic developers. If you’re seeing this and you don’t want me doing this let me know and this addon is getting thrown away faster than Sama in chapter four. (and if you do gimme a shoutout? nah jk….. unless-) Sorry In advance for the yelling in each section. It makes it easier to organize when it’s angry and bold.

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v0.3.1b: Book II Update (Beta)

  • Tenome has been renamed to "Kiyoki" to match the lore.
  • Kyogi no longer breaks blocks in his last stand.
  • Updated Kyogi's chase animation
  • Fixed Tsukiya's Idle animation.
  • Mobs now have smoother animation transitions.
  • Touched up the monsters' hitboxes.
  • Made hyakume bigger.
  • Futakuchi-Onna now avoids chains. Hang them up!
  • Increased the lighting of the Duality Lantern from 6 to 8
  • Lanterns no longer break Grass, Slabs, Doors, etc.
  • Futakuchi-Onna now has an event that can force her to scream. (craftkai_iii:force_scream)
  • Futakuchi-Onna now has an event that disables her screaming when spotting a player (craftkai_iii:disable_scream)
  • Futakuchi-Onna now has an event that disables her screaming AND jumpscare (craftkai_iii:disable_scream_and_jumpscare)
  • When the player is being chased, speed is now given to the player to simulate the in game FOV effect.
  • Monsters speed has been adjusted.
  • Hyakume is a waste of a model.

v0.3b: Book II Update (Beta)

  • Added five new monsters: Kurobozu, Tsukyia, Hyakume, Kishin, and Tenome.
  • Added one new lantern: Tenome Lantern
  • Even newer release trailer :00
  • Rin's model, animations, and AI has been revamped.
  • Rin now frequently get irritated by Mio when she spots a player
  • Improved Rin and the old monster's AI. They should be smarter now.
  • Increased the amount of time lanterns are lit from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Updated lantern shutoff prompts.
  • Probably more stuff but I forgot

v0.2b: Witch Trials Update (Beta)

  • Addon has a new name! "Demons and Lanterns" was a boring name.
  • Added four new monsters: Sama / Kintoru, Hiachi, Futao and Mote.
  • Added one new lantern: The Duality Lantern
  • Added Butterfly Spirits.
  • New Release Trailer :0
  • New Addon art because I'm obsessed with showing off like always
  • Updated sprite for Mio's Lantern
  • Updated item description for Mio's Lantern
  • Futakuchi-Onna uses her in voice lines when she walks around instead of her enrage cutscene.
  • Fixed a random lantern turn off sound.
  • Developer hates Tenome as much as he did the first release but still insists on adding him more than likely in the next update.
  • Probably more but I forgot.

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Hey, I love this addon and it seems really cool but upon spawning in the mobs they dont attack me. I have experiment and education edition on along with no other addons but it still does not work (in any world.) I hope I can figure out what I am doing wrong or if this is a bug that it will be fixed. (and yes I was in survival and the difficulty was on hard)
Big fan, you should make the lantern go on someone's leggings with dynamic light & moving, jumping & idle animations! If you do like my idea and agree to do it, I think it'll really help!
I have a question, you will add all The mimic monsters only when book 1 revamp come out?
(and, will you add spirits that can be placed at blocks? will you add some special blocks like: paintings from book 2, rats, that orb.) and will Keneo, Beto-Beto-San, farmer be added like NPS's?
The plan is to wait until the revamp, then go chapter one up. Anything I’ve already done I’ll add more. (For example for the witch trials I’m planning on topping it off with kazeko, hanzu, and the fleshbags)
yeeeee, revamp is out!
Mimic is my fav game in roblox i made alot of fanart, i also love Minecraft and when I saw this i screamed so tyyysm
excellent! But how should I kill the enemy? Weapons do not take effect
Do /kill. Easier ways to get rid of them will be added later on
Hey uh I have a question, why does rin's jumpscare animation look like mine, the bouncing back and forth body is very similar
Your jumpscare and my jumpscare are different, you might want to take another look.
can you kill it and do it kill other mobs?
At the moment they only attack players so no, as for the killing parts. Only a handful are killanle by the player, so the rest you’re gonna have to do /kill
Amazing addon, with jump scares and well designed characters.
Amazing addon! I don't think I've seen an addon with jumpscares before. I'm sure you can make other amazing addons!
The ones I highly want added are:

Three Eyed Creature
and last but not least the fleshbags.
Crazy you say that! Futaomote is up on my list since i can get a lantern out of them. Terome is a common name popping up for a future update so i guess he's up next! Even though i HATE his part but eh. he looks fun to model.
Wow nice addon!, But if the addon continue you will add the demons from book 1?
Futaomote is up next. Then I'll more than likely hop back to Book II because Terome and The Blind Witch look REALLY fun to make. (idk about Nure-Onna because having her on land would be a little awkward considering the angle she is normally at in game.)
does it use player.json file
bro why one star for a question.
Even if it did use player.json it doesnt deserve one star
I would of said if it did. For future reference can you please read and see if it does instead of immediately rating one star possibly trashing my hard work?
kwisatz haderach May 09, 2022 at 6:06 am
this dude did the same thing for other addons, don't need to explain to them
kwisatz haderach May 09, 2022 at 6:05 am
why the fuck would you give a 1-star review when you intend to clarify something reasonable? the creator was nice enough not to get mad at you even though this is completely unacceptable. shut the fuck up and get lost