Fantasy Ores Version III

This Addon adds more minerals to minecraft as well as incredible 3D armor


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Important :

Due to the recent update of minecraft we have had to fix the generation of ores and also solve the bugs that the previous version had



Are the mineral addons all the same?

They only add Minerals to a lot of armor all the same and Random Swords?

Fantasy Ores is an Addon which not only brings 12 super epic minerals, but also brings 13 incredible armors which have 3D designs and some even Skills

Join me to see this incredible addon created by Arcanus and Alex ;)

The ruby ​​is a kneral that is on layer 19 and below

only chopped with a diamond pick

Ruby Block

Ruby tools

  • Ruby's sword

Damage: 8

  • Ruby peak
  • Ruby's axe
  • Ruby hoe
  • Ruby shovel
  • Ruby's Labrys

damage: 14
effect: Force II for 15 seconds

  • Ruby's Helmet
  • Ruby's Chestpiece
  • Ruby's leggings
  • Ruby's boots

Ruby's Full Armor


The Sapphire is an Ore that is on layer 16 down

Sapphire Block

Sapphire Tools

  • Sapphire Sword                                                                                                                       Damage: 8

 -  Sapphire Peak 

-  Sapphire Axe 

  • Sapphire Hoe
  • Sapphire Shovel 
  • Sapphire Labrys

Damage: 15
effect: Force II for 15 seconds

  • Sapphire Helmet
  • Sapphire Chestpiece
  • Sapphire leggings
  • Sapphire Boots

Sapphire Full Armor


It is located at layer 15 and below and is very difficult to find

Jade Block

Jade Tools

  • Jade Sword

Damage: 9

  • Jade Peak
  • Jade Axe
  • Jade Hoe
  • Jade Shovel
  • Jade Labrys

Damage: 16
effect: Force II for 10 seconds-Super jump II for 10 seconds

Jade Scarab: The jade scarab is not crafted, they are found in a minecraft dungeon or there is a low probability that you will get one in a stack of Jade Ore

  • Jade Staff

This staff launches a projectile which creates a block of Jade Earth which, if it hits the enemy, does 8 damage

  • Jade Helmet
  • Jade Chestpiece
  • Jade leggings
  • Jade Boots

Jade Full Armor


It is found in layer 50 and below (only in seas) it is only chopped with Sapphire peak

Aquamarine block

  • Aquamarine Sword 

Damage: 11 

  • Aquamarine Peak
  • Aquamarine Labrys

Damage: 19
effect: Aquatic Breathing II for 10 seconds

  • Aquamarine Helmet 

This helmet gives Aquatic Breathing

  • Aquamarine Chastpiece
  • Aquamarine Leggins 
  • Aquamarine Boots

Aquamarine Full Armor


They are found in layer 40 and below and are chopped only with Ruby's peak


Spinel Block

Spinel Tools 

  • Spinel Peak
  • Spinel Hoe

This also serves as a weapon and removes 25 damage

  • Spinel Labrys

Damage: 17
effect: Super jump II for 20 seconds

  • Spinel Helmet
  • Spinel Chestpiece
  • Spinel Leggins
  • Spinel Boots

Spinel Full Armor


It is from layer 16 down

Peridot Block

Peridot Tools

  • Peridot Sword

Damage: 10

  • Peridot Peak
  • Peridot Labrys

Damage: 18
Effect: Speed ​​II for 10 seconds

  • Peridot Helmet
  • Peridot Chestpiece
  • Peridot Leggins
  • Peridot Boots

Peridot Full Armor


They are found in layer 64 and below and are sting only with the Aquamarine peak

Bismuth Block

Bismuth Tools

  • Bismuth Sword

Damage: 12

  • Bismuth Peak
  • Bismuth Labrys 

Damage: 20
Effect: Resistance II for 15 seconds

  • Bismuth Helmet
  • Bismuth Chestplate
  • Bismuth Leggins
  • Bismuth Boots

Bismuth Full Armor 


It is in layer 10 and below It is only chopped with an aquamarine peak

Opal Block

Opal Tools

  • Opal cane

This staff deals 18 melee damage but pressing the screen gives levitation for 10 seconds and slow fall also has a cooldown

  • Opal Helmet

This helmet gives 4 hearts to whoever wears it

  • Opal Chestpiece
  • Opal Leggins
  • Opal Boots

Opal Full Armor


Onix is ​​20 and below and is something difficult to find it only bites with Aquamarine peak

Block Onix

Onix Tools

  • Onix Katana

Damage: 10

  • Onix Dagger

Damage: 5

effect: Blindness IV for 5 Seconds

  • Onix Helmet

Helmet provides night vision while wearing it

  • Onix Chestpiece
  • Onix Leggins
  • Onix Boots

Onix Full Armor


When chopping the Sulfur Ore gives Sulfur it is heated in the oven and gives Sulfur Powder

This powder is put next to water cans on the enchantment table and gives Posion de Sulfur

Drinking this potion gives Extraction Fatigue, Nausea, Blindness and Poison for 1 minute

Also if you mix it with powder it will make a throwing potion that gives the same effects.

If you mix this potion with a stick of blaze it gives Sulfuric Acid

This works as fuel and when putting the sulfuric acid in the furnace will give the sulfuric acid concentration

If you mix Sulfuric Acid Concentration with a bottle of water it will give Sulfate

If you put the sulfate in the oven, it will give Sulfate Powder

And finally if you put together the sulfate powder with a cooked seaweed and give an analgesic which serves to recover hearts quickly


Steel is in layer 10 and below and can only be chopped with Netherite Pick

Steel Block

Steel Tools

  • Steel Sword

Damage: 11

  • Steel Peak
  • Steel Helmet 
  • Steel Chestpiece
  • Steel Leggins
  • Steel Boots
  • Red Stained Steel
  • Blue Stained Steel
  • White Stained Steel
  • Red Dragon Samurai Armor
  • Blue Dragon Samurai Armor
  • Paladin Armor

Steel Full Armor ( redesigned )


Red Dragon Samurai Armor

Blue Dragon Samurai Armor

Paladin Armor


It is found in layer 11 and below and is minced only with a Steel pick and baked to give Tungsten

Tungsten Block

Tungsten Tools

  • Tungsten Durandal

Damage: 15

  • Tungsten Helmet
  • Tungsten Chestpiece
  • Tungsten Leggins
  • Tungsten Boots

Tungsten Full Armor


New Ores :


Topaz is minced with an aquamarine beak

Topaz Block



  • Topaz Peak
  • Topaz shovel
  • Topaz axe
  • Spear Topaz

Damage: 9

  • Topaz Armor
  • Topaz Full Armor



Garnet is minced with an aquamarine beak


Garnet Block



  • Garnet Axe
  • Garnet Armor
  • Garnet Full Armor



Malachite is minced with an aquamarine beak


Malachite Block



  • Malachite Sword

Damage: 13

  • Malachite Labrys

Damage: 22

  • Malachite Armor
  • Malachite Full Armor



  Alexandrite is minced with an aquamarine beak

 Alexandrite Block



  •  Alexandrite Peak
  •  Alexandrite Axe
  •  Alexandrite Shovel
  •  Alexandrite Sword

Damage: 12

  •  Alexandrite Armor
  •  Alexandrite Full Armor



Platinum is minced with an aquamarine beak

Platinum Block



  • Platinum Sword

Damage: 9

  • Platinum Armor 
  • Platinum Full Armor


Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is minced with an Jade beak

 Watermelon Tourmaline Block



  • Watermelon Tourmaline Armor
  • Watermelon Tourmaline Full Armor

This is the first armor in an addon that has animations



Jasper is minced with an Aquamarine beak

Jasper Block

Jasper Helmet


Netheroom is minced with an Jade beak

Netheroom Block

Netheroom Armor

Netheroom Full Armor

Tailor's table

At the moment in this table few things can be done but in future updates many more garments will be able to be made

Crafting that can be done

  • Tiki Mask
  • Steampunk glasses + Hat
  • Steampunk Top Hat

New Version Contains 5 New Minerals


  • Adamantium

layer 13 down

  • Adamantium Sword

Damage : 9

  • Block
  • Armor
  • Adamantium Full Armor
  • zircon

layer 18 down

  • Weapons

Zircon Lance: 5
Zircon Labrys: 11

  • Block
  • Armor
  • zircon Full Armor
  • Blue topaz

layer 21 down

  • Weapons
  • Block
  • Armor
  • Blue Topaz Ful Armor
  • Amber

layer 25 down

  • Weapons

With this staff you can hit some enemy of the Overworld so that this attack another enemy

Damage : 10

  • Block
  • Armor
  • Full Armor
  • vibranium

Layer 10 down

  • Weapons

Damage Sword : 16

  • Block
  • Armor


  • Full Armor

New Designs by Ores

  • Youtube channels :

ARCANUS ( Model and Textures ) :

ALEX ( Addon maker ) :

Select version for changelog:


Change Log:

All minerals are now minced with all addon and diamond and netherite peaks, except for steel which is only minced with netherite and steel

Minerals in 3D

Build fixes

New minerals

Leveling of some materials

Blocks now appear in creative


Active los primeros tres modos de Experimental para que el Addon pueda funcionar


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.32 / 5 (84 votes)
Really great but which one is beast Armor weapon or tool plz tell
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jesus crist, what a perfect addon a lot of armor the details of them are great and they are very beautiful you took care of this addon and the weapons are great too
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what is the strongest one i am so confuse 😅
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I don't know whether to read this message, because I wanted to report a bug (for minecraft version 1.17.30), unfortunately this addon crashes the game in this minecraft version
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Queria muito jogar com esse addon, infelizmente ele não quer funcionar na versão 1.17.30, toda hora que tento entrar no mundo com ele o jogo simplesmente fecha, Se possível vc poderia arrumar? Não só eu como muita gente tá tendo esse erro e quer jogar
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Hands down you have the best oars and armor out there. Too bad you cannot update it, so that it still works. Ur addon Crashed my worlds. It wont since 1.17.30 update. Not on xbox. not for or any frinnds that had worlds with addon😒
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Since 1.17.30 update has made all my worlds with fantasy ore's un-openable, I get kicked to the home screen of xbox. Can't open any world with this addon.
Please fix, I've lost by 3 best worlds.
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Please make Sapphire ore easier to find, more abundant, higher elevation. It's a pivotal ore ,you need it to mine Aquamarine out of the ocean, which is the ore you need to mine just about everything else. But it is very deep and rare. You have to pass up all the other ores on way to finding sapphire so you can go back to sea to mine aquamarine, backwards.
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please you can update this mod for 1.17 and balanced the bismuth ore? this ore is overpower and is too easy to find
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when I mine platinum with an aquamarine pick it doesn't give me the platinum block
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I had to use the steel pickaxe.
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