Published on June 08, 2016 (Updated on June 08, 2016)

Fantasy Town [Creation]

Installation Guides

Can you add Mediafire?
Can you please make a Media Fire link?
I will use this as a RPG for my friends...
Plz add a direct link it would make it so much easier to use thxxx
that's nice sorry I've been gone what else I mean I need problems so I could fix them and yes. =|
I will be using your map in my project ! I will credit you
Dear creator, could you please put a .mcworld download link on this map? I want to put it in a roleplay im starting and this map is perfect for if!
Can you make this a direct media fire link thx a lot if you can
Umm... Excuse Me "Ninja14play" May I Use Your Map For An Adventure Map?, Your Map Is So Awesome And I Think I Will Be Done Making It About A Couple Month After The Full Release On MCPE 0.15.0 And The Release Of Block Launcher For 0.15.0 And An Update Of Some Mods Which Is : Command Block, Ultimate NPC, And Probably Some Command Mods.
P.S. I Will Mention You In The Map