Published on July 16, 2014

Fantasy: Enormous Mountains, A Baby Wolf & More

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I Don't find this epic but I do love the baby wolves :3 I'm a fan of wolves but I don't why u say that it's the most epic seed you can find but I'm sorry if I'm wrong but it seems normal to me I'm not saying I hate it and that it's bad it just looks normal
that is true and I think that the person put them there so we would think they were meant to be there.
You know there is a zombie spawner close to the lava-fall rite?
You know that you left the spawn wolf in your inventory, and your on creative mode.
This was a submitted seed by somebody else. I am not sure whether it is a wolf actually spawned originally in the game or if was spawned there by her. But she described it as if it was spawned their originally.