Farming Tycoon - Grow, Sell, Expand (V1.2 Harvest Thief)

It is time for Farming in Minecraft to get a little more exciting, Grow your Crops, Sell them and expand your Farms to be the richest farmer in the land



The aim of this add-on is to reach the top of the food chain when it comes to farming. Start off growing Wheat like a normal game, when you have enough sell your Wheat to buy more Seeds, Seeds that will bring you more profit per stack.

We have tried our hardest to keep the Textures as vanilla as possible to keep in line with normal gameplay.

All Crops will grow at a standard rate just like vanilla crops 


The Crops






Runner Beans




Spring Onion








(More crops and features will be addon update by update)




Seed Trader

The Seed Trader will spawn around your world sell your Crops to him and buy different Seeds from him.

Machinery Trader

The Machinery Trader will sell you the Delivery Boxes for the Tractor and the Eco Fuel Machine


Delivery Boxes

When you buy from some of the traders, they will give you your item in a Delivery Box, Just place it down and wait 30-60 seconds for you item to be delivered, If the machine you have bought doesn't move like the Eco Fuel Machine, you can pick up the Delivery Box and place it somewhere else.



The Tractor can be bought from the Machinery Trader, the Tractor will need fuel to keep going so make sure you make enough. The Tractor will harvest all Vanilla crops aswell as the Custom ones in this addon.


Eco Fuel Machine

The Eco Fuel Machine can be bought from the Machinery Trader, Insert a Corn Block and over a period of time the Corn Block will be turned into Bio Fuel for the Tractor.

This video will show you how to use the Eco Fuel Machine and the Tractor


Harvest Theif

The Harvest Thief will be attracted to any full grown crops, they they walk into them and steal them, If you kill the Harvest Thief they will not drop the stolen crops, So keep an eye out when you are farming


Corn Block



Like farm animals should they will at random times have a poo. This can be a pain to keep clean as your farm grows but if you use a Shovel cleaning it up you can make Manure Blocks that will over time when placed turn to dried Manure Blocks which can be sold. Where there is muck there is cash.

Fresh Maure can be used to grow your crops just like Bone meal does.

Green House

The Greenhouse can be found abandoned around your world, Inside will be 2 chests that you may be able to find some cool seeds that have been left behind


If you would like to keep up to date with future updates, and sneak peeks of whats to come, join the discord in the link below. 
If you make a video of this add-on please leave the links from this page and not your own download links

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Garlic Bulbs added
Garlic Seeds added
Garlic Crop added

Tomato added
Tomato Seeds added
Tomato Crop added


Crop Thief
The Crop Thief will spawn randomly in your world, If you see one get rid of him
as soon as you can, if you don't they will break all your full grown crops and 
take them, Even if you kill him he will not drop you crops. You have been 


Vegetables now craft into 2 seeds rather then 4 


Always Clear your Data cache before installing an update for add-ons

Experimental Modes will have to be active for this add-on to work

Supported Minecraft versions

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5 / 5 (4 votes)
I lost 5 stak of beans beacuse of this ideot harvest thief please remove
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you can remove that entity in the files if u don't like it
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Dude the seed trader trades are glitched. I can't see his trades please slove
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Is there a way to trap the harvest thief?
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Add some new animals and fruit trees
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Thankyou for adding all stuff now this add-on is the perfect for survival
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This is a best addon but pls add something like harvester or a harvesting machine also I love this add-on
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Machines will be added in future updates, there will be at least one Tractor in the next update
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