Published on March 21, 2023

Fast Food Exp

Just a simple Food pack that adds over 20 new food items and recipes to the game. These recipes take's vanilla Minecraft food items like chicken pork and potatoes and turn them into more advanced recipes to make pizza burgers ice cream and more. There are 4 different tools you will need to make these new recipes. The cutting board is used to slice meat for bacon and more, soda fountain, microwave, and meat grinder. Please leave any suggestions down below! *important*Any redistribution, Modification of code, or posting the addon without using my links is strictly prohibited. Please do not do so.  


This is my first food pack, this pack is still in beta and will be updated along the way, note that some things may not work properly. We are taking any suggestions so please let us know what we can add or improve on!


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goodbye mcdonalds from russia (
Nice addon. I really recomend it! :) im making a burger king addon and its coming soon. u can check it out if u want to when it releases.
Thank you for your feedback and i intend to add more and include more 3d models and machines in the future to make it more realistic
Forgot rating btw
hi,boy.I am a player from China. Your Add-on is very cool. I like it very much at the first sight. So I want to translate it into Chinese and reprint it to the Chinese forum. I can assure you that it will not be used for profit. It will be free on the Chinese forum, and I will attach the original link and the name of the creator. I hope you can agree
if u need to do that,use mcpedl link for download link, don't create yourselves link for download
if u use the same download link i am ok with it