Published on June 14, 2020 (Updated on June 14, 2020)

Fazbear's Entertainment: Jr's Pizzarea Grand Re-Opening

You are in theperscpective of Michle Afton but at the age of 16. You Desperately Need Money so you alply for the job of Jr's Pizzarea. Your Job is to Watch over the pizzarea from 12am to 6am. I hope nothing goes wrong regaurding Break-ins, theft, Anamatronic Tamporing, Vandalizing and ect. What could go wrong

Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person.

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Giving a more Deatiled Descristion

Updated Map

Some Bug Fixes



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Thank you thank you
i love the map and flashlight and how u make the screen look like a flashlight can u make a flashlight reasores pack pls and thank u
a map that is based off of another fnaf fan game. Open source? Nice
My name is Marcelgamin123 and you Treblox I have Pedrinho1799's Fnaf 1 Version 1.02 texture and We need to make a FNaF 1 REMAKE map for Minecraft Ok. But let's update the posters and make a Map.
I mean sure but i only have pocket Edition
Can you Add some Security Camera?
Add some Security Camera
It's says failed to import
not working commands
Doesn't work. Crashes the game.
Thank you for your feedback ill make sure to see what the problem is