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Published on January 23, 2018 (Updated on January 23, 2018)

Ferrari LaFerrari Addon

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What sh*t is that?
This car is so ugly
Lol, the game has a glitch for me the car looks like a mechanical witch that is red
Can you make it more detailed like make more cooler like from team infinite minds and mcfl0wer
The model is very glitched out.
it dose not spawn the world
Why can’t I spawn it??
how do u spawn the car
u should make a porsche 918 addon, it replaces the witch as usual, but NO KEY! YOU CAN MAKE A RIDABLE MOB WITHOUT THE CARROT ON A STICK! *cough* horse *cough*
Yo this is cool hopefully you can make more cars BRO plz make sure they replace other mobs not just a witch others thx
Model looks kinda weird!
oh wait nevermind
wait how do you drive