Published on October 22, 2017 (Updated on October 22, 2017)

Find The Button: Halloween Edition [Minigame]

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Nice. i have tried but nice
I really don’t like jump scares and level 6 “Herobrine “has a jump scare very disappointed ?.
please there this is can be better
Nice map, very cool designs on every level. I made a video of this map if anyone wants to check it out. Great job creator, keep it up!
Boring tbh...
I thought it would of been better... Shame
Dude! Totally awesome...I got like 11 totems bro...nice one creator
It's VERY laggy! And my device isn't bad
Very good map, kept me entertained for a solid 30-40 minutes
Its a good map! :D
I like the quiz very illigent
Really,really nice designs,but i pressed the button and it didn’t teleport me to the next level. i had to go and check the command blocks in creative and when i found the correct button and pressed it,it never teleported me