Find The Button Classic [Minigame]

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Lvl 1!!!!!!!!!!!!
The anti-spam work too well, I can only insert one comment because I can answer the right thing ONCE.
This is the worst map ever! This map should allow cheats because I cannot see the button on level 1. It doesn’t even have hint book. This is the worst find the button map ever!
Idk how to download it when I click it it rakes me to and when I skip it it takes me to I video of "leaked footage"
Where is the button on level 2?
How do you do the second level???
It's easy to cheat even if he next time uses drop you can turn creative mode on in the options and then you have op commands like kill replace tp but command block what is spamming drop can ruin that map.
Help! On Level 3.
Itamar Silva Andrade July 03, 2018 at 1:58 pm
The link not working
That one in the mine is pretty much impossible. It's either that or I need glasses.
Can I repost this map to China's My World website?
Where is the button in the level of the mines?