Published on February 04, 2018 (Updated on March 27, 2018)

Find The Button: Food Edition [Minigame]

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You're so good at building !!!
Please do more of "Find the Button" you're so amazing at these and creative!
Amazing!! You should make
Find The Button:
Vehicles Edition
Clothes Edition

And a new feature:
In the end room, add a secret button so if people find it, they go to a room with fireworks.

I keep looking in the paintings incase anything is there!!?
I appreciate you playing my maps and support. I will consider those ideas for future maps. Thanks :)
Your awesome dude
I appreciate it! Thanks :)
Try the hint book if you are stuck :)
I love this sooooooooooo much ?
It so cool please so a youtuber one thankyou for makeing this osomewe map
Thanks for making it a.mcworld download
You're welcome :D
AWESOME MAP! I really enjoyed it, it was easy, but very interesting! Keep making maps, they are awesome!
Thanks! I appreciate your support!
Thaaaaaank you!!
Amazing map I love all of your find the button maps thank you for making this
Thank you, I appreciate it :D