Find The Button: Ground Hole

Find The Button: Ground Hole is made by The TRiNITY. This is yet another first milestone of finding the button in Minecraft community. In this custom map made especially by The TRiNITY group is a ground hole themed where you will find the button in the deep dark ground sounds challenging right! 

Prepare yourselves, Enter the ground hole deep under the ground.

This Find The Button: Ground Hole is made up of 5 deep and dark levels ranging from easy going to hard. Well as we always say it is always be depending upon on whose playing.

If you're bored and looking for a different approach of find the button, Well here is the first ever Ground Hole find the button map made especially by The TRiNITY. What Are You Waiting For? Try This One.. This is REALLY DEEP & DARK.

Play with our Friends (recommended/optional) playing is always fun if your with special someone.

*here are some of the Highlighted picture in the game*

Ground Hole 1

This is ground hole level 1 the starting point of the map. As it is a ground hole expect the inside to be a bit dark and less spacious. Don't tire yourself too much in this level well the button is just right around the corner.

Ground Hole 2

Deep under the dark oak tree is the ground hole level 2. Find the button in ground hole level 1 and you can reach this hole. As the level goes up the button will be harder to find eyes sharp feel and hear you're every step to quickly locate and find the button.

Ground Hole 5

And Finally under the picnic ground is where the ground hole level 5 is located. Finish first all of the ground hole starting level and reach this final hole. Ground hole level 5 is a bit harder than expected eyes sharp, ear sharp and feel sharp that is the very least advised to help you navigate and find the button on this very hole. Best of luck finding the button!

Find The Button: Ground Hole Official Trailer *1080p*

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*Changed the thumbnail into more an in game glimpse of the map*

Hope you play and like it.


For Zip File

Click and download the zip file of the map down below. After downloading the zip file of the map. click extract folder then copy the folder go to your phone/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds then click paste the map there you're ready to go and play. Launch your minecraft application and hit that play button!

For Mcworld File

Just click the McWorld file of the map. After downloading it just click it and you'll be redirected to the Minecraft application and just click the minecraft app so you'll redirected into the game and start playing.

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