Find the Button: Nether Update

The Nether Update has very recently been released, so it's the perfect time for a new Find the Button map! Find the Button: Nether Update includes 5 Large Different levels, representing the 5 Biomes of the nether! Map made by Endercraft Studios.

5 Unique Levels for the 5 Different Nether Biomes! This map is Multiplayer Compatible! 

Every level has been tested, and is possible to complete, if you need help finding one of the buttons contact @EndercraftMaps on Twitter! 

Feel free to join our Official Discord Server if you have any questions!

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I have actually tried this just for today! The map is cool, with decent decorations and using particles that makes the map more cooler. Anyways, this is actually the one who made also a Nether Find The Button Map with almost 2000 downloads. Have a nice day!
What is the name of the Texture??