Find the Lever

Get ready to enter this a bit challenging, but adventurous world. Find the lever and flick it! Apply your practicality and common sense. It would be better if you're good on mining.

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• Changes to the name of the map were made from "RareFrostbites' Find the Lever" into just "Find the Lever".

• More levels field was added.

• Ender level was added.

• "Food Shop" was renamed into "Vending Machine".

• Redstone lines were fixed.

• The NPCs were given their dialogs.

• Most tools provided for breaking blocks were replaced with different ones.

• The old food store was closed and replaced with a very compact and free redstone vending machine.

• Some blocks and items were either removed or replaced.

• Misplaced command blocks were corrected.

• "About Us" was renamed into just "About".

• Some NPCs skins were changed.

• The "Coming Soon" thing was added.

• The command blocks and signs that tell the players the level number were removed.

• Bedrocks were replaced to different blocks surrounding the game fields.

• Some wrong commands were corrected.

• Iron doors were replaced with solid block doors (specifically, bedrock doors).

• Command blocks that make the levers disappear after being activated were added.

• The ender level game fields were edited.

• The actionbar command was removed.

• The signs that tell the players to finish a particular game level first to unlock that particular game level were added on the sand barriers of each teleporting machine except the teleporting machine to the grass level which is the first game level to finish.

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