Published on December 02, 2017 (Updated on December 02, 2017)

FireEngine Addon

Installation Guides

1 sucks. Use linkvertise. There's always security error in adfly sais that it'll lead to harmful program.
how to get in the fire truck on win 10
I need to use this add-on in my world
I need permission to use it

I hope you allo me
I have the fire truck in my hand but it won’t place down ughhh!
Not working! The stray spawns but the fire truck is all mashed up
Can you make a cop car and ambulance add on plz
Even with the behavior pack on it still doesn't let me even ride it. Also when I glitch inside even though I'm not riding there's a tiny bit of a bow sticking out in the back seat. At first I though another mob is inside. Then I realized the fire truck replaces a skeleton. Please fix those problems. Otherwise the Addon is great texture wise.
This by far is the best addon (truck/car wise anyway) there is! it drives like a horse no dumb carrot on sticks! it can hold up to 3 players! Good Job! :D Heres a tip though. if you make new versions of the same addon (like instead of a fire truck you make a police car ambulance and civilian car as other versions of this) it would be way more popular then it already is! And it would be way more useful as you could then use it in most worlds for stuff other then fire fighting! Thanks for reading and keep up the great work!!! :D
I cant get either keys to work what am I doing wrong? Also for those asking it replaces the wither skeleton.
What does the firetruck replace? I would like to know before downloading.
Spawn Stray But It’s Not Looks Like Fire Truck!
Can u make an overwatch addon
I can't place it for some reason, while holding the "spawn egg", and tapping the ground, it does nothing.
I'm having the same problem. I'm on an iPad. Any help would be appreciated!
try changing the difficulty to hard
can you make a vehicle just like that,but more simpler
What does the fire truck replace?
How to make addons please help me what app should I use to make